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Unit for weekends, holidays says Cheryl Kernot's pecuniary interest declaration.

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Unit for Weekends, Holidays says Cheryl Kernot’s Pecuniary Interest Declaration

A copy of an official pecuniary interest declaration signed by Cheryl Kernot describes her Gold Coast unit as being for weekend and holiday purposes.

Mr Beazley must make Cheryl Kernot explain how she could have claimed to have different principal places of residence - one for Stamp Duty purposes and one for political purposes.

In a signed declaration on the Parliamentary Pecuniary Interests Register on 5 June 2000, Cheryl Kernot notified her purchase of a Gold Coast unit as:

"Purchase of unit/weekend/holidays Gold Coast".

If this is not true, she is potentially in contempt of Parliament.

In a letter Cheryl Kernot recently wrote to Pine Rivers Press states that she has "lived at the same address in Dickson since December 1998".

Cheryl Kernot can’t have it two ways, especially as on Lateline on Friday night she revealed she spent only about six weeks a year at her Gold Coast apartment.

To get a Stamp Duty concession a person is required to sign a declaration that the property will be their principal place of residence and that they will remain in continuous occupation for not less than six months.

If they fail to meet those conditions they are obliged to notify the Stamp Duty Commissioner within 28 days and account for the difference between the duty actually paid and the duty which would have been paid if the concession had not been allowed.

Mr Beazley must show leadership and answer these serious revelations by immediately ensuring that all the facts and documents are made public.

He must require Cheryl Kernot to reveal: whether she claimed that her Gold Coast apartment would be her principal place of residence to get a stamp duty concession; whether she notified the Queensland Stamp Duty Commissioner that she failed, within the period set by law, to meet the necessary residence conditions; and whether she has offered or been asked to repay any stamp duty concessions to which she was not entitled, and paid any penalties.

The more information that comes to light, the more questions arise.

Mr Beazley can’t wash his hands of this no matter how much he would like it to go away.

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14 October 2001