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Labor to 'roll back' Work for the Dole.

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Labor to ''role back'' Work for the Dole Employment Spokeswoman, Cheryl Kernot has confirmed that, if elected, Labor will scrap Work for the Dole.

In her address to the ALP Conference, Ms Kernot said that: ''…we will ensure that a Labor Govt honours its responsibilities in reciprocal obligation contracts by providing basic accredited training under programmes based on Work for the Dole.''

This is Work for the Dole roll back. The ALP wants to recreate big spending, big Government, Working Nation-style programmes that were mostly expensive failures.

Working Nation programmes churned job seekers through training for training’s sake in an attempt artificially to reduce the unemployment figures.

Labor will dismantle Work for the Dole despite departmental research released last week confirming that Work for the Dole participants were 76 per cent more likely to find work or training than similar job seekers who did not participate.

The study showed that Work for the Dole is just as effective in more difficult labour markets with higher unemployment.

It also showed that Work for the Dole outcomes were achieved at a lower cost than all but one of the main Working Nation labour market programmes. Work for the Dole achieved similar net impact while assisting a higher proportion of disadvantaged job seekers than the only other programme with strong results, JobStart, and participation in the JobStart scheme was limited to job seekers who were ‘job ready’.

The decision by the Labor Party to scrap Work for the Dole reveals Labor’s invincible ignorance about everything that’s happened since 1996.


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