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Jabiluka: all pollies should see what they're about to destroy, visiting Senator says.

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Senator Lyn Allison

Australian Democrats

Spokesperson on the Environment


30 April 1998




Jabiluka: All pollies should see what they're about to destroy, visiting Senator says


The Democrats' Environment Spokesperson, Senator Lyn Alli son - visiting Jabiluka today - has backed environment groups' call for a full Environmental Impact Statement of the Jabiluka mill, and called on all politicians to visit the area.


"Allowing Jabiluka to be mined is like allowing the Grand Canyon to be used as landfill," Senator Allison said.


"Let's get the decision makers to see it first before they sign off on further destruction of Kakadu. It's about time some of our Coalition colleagues saw our World Heritage areas properly -- tragically, they are led by Prime Minister Howard's example of holidaying in the same small town year after year. Can you imagine an American president being proud of that?


"It seems most Coalition members are so scared of our wilderness areas they can't cope with anything more confronting than a desk calendar."


Senator Allison said The Howard Government was in breach of a 1990 agreement with the Mirrar people of Jabiluka by allowing ERA to get away with submitting a Public Environment Report -- the mildest form of assessment allowable.


"The difference between an Environmental Impact Statement and a Public Environment Report is like the difference between a magnifying glass and a microscope.


"If someone wanted to put a uranium mine and mill in your backyard, you'd want to have the right to say no."