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"Back to work, Bob": Tambling.

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Media Release


Senator The Hon. Grant Tambling

CLP Senator for the Northern Territory




ALP Senator Bob Collins must return to full-time work as Senator for the Northern Territory, CLP Senator Grant Tambling said t oday.


“Senator Collins took leave from the first two weeks of Federal Parliamentary sittings. but the ALP's failure to find a suitable replacement for Senator Collins means he should return to the Senate next week.'' Senator Tambling said.


Senator Tambling said Labor's pre-selection disarray should not be allowed to sideline important Territory political issues.


“Senator Collins is being paid to represent Territorians on important issues such as native title and he cannot expect to be allowed to wag future Senate sessions when native title is on the agenda," he said.


“He should be putting the Territory first in getting commonsense back into ALP decision making on native title.


“He must make the Senate his top priority and not be sidelined into other issues or personal projects."


Senator Tambling said if Senator Collins was unable to return to the Senate he should resign immediately and force the Labor Party to speed up their selection process.


“If Senator Collins is unable to carry out the duties of Senator for the Northern Territory then he should do the honourable thing and resign immediately so the Labor Party is put under some pressure to find an effective representative for the Territory." he said.


“I think most Territorians would find it unsatisfactory that tax-payers money is being used to fund an empty seat in the Senate.''


Senator Tambling said the continued pairing of Senator Collins in future Senate debate would only give the ALP more scope to continue their “in-fighting”.


“Labor's federal bully boys are obviously calling the tune and threatening intervention in Territory ALP affairs by playing puppet games for Warren Snowdon and Tracker Tilmouth." he said.


“While Labor's left faction may get up Senator Collins' nose it is not an excuse for hiding from Senate debate.''






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