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Petrol tax rises under the GST.

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Petrol Tax Rises Under The GST Simon Crean - Shadow Treasurer

Media Statement - 27 June 2000

Despite all his twisting and turning and obfuscation in Question Time today, the Prime Minister could not escape the indisputable truth - petrol tax will rise on Saturday because of the GST.

John Howard could not dispute the mounting evidence that he has broken his election promise to the Australian people that "the GST will not increase the price of petrol for the ordinary motorist".

But in all his protestations about the calculations, the Prime Minister refused to acknowledge three important factors - G, S and T.

To assist the Prime Minister understand how his GST will increase petrol tax and increase the price of petrol for the ordinary motorist, I present the following facts.

The current tax on petrol is listed in table 1 below. It is 44.137 cents per litre.

Table 1:

Existing Petrol Tax Cents per Litre of Tax

Commonwealth petrol excise 35.783

State petrol excise 8.354

Total petrol tax 44.137

From July 1, the new tax rates on petrol are in table 2 as provided by the Acting Treasurer, John Fahey, and the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, in their media release of last Thursday evening.

Table 2:

Petrol Tax from 1 July Cents per Litre of Tax

Commonwealth petrol excise 37.481

GST 8.2

Total petrol tax 45.681

These show an increase in petrol tax of around 1.5 cents a litre. What a coincidence.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.