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Dedicated university staff rewarded.

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Media Release

Dedicated university staff rewarded

10 August 2007

The Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, today congratulated the 253 university staff recognised for their contribution to high quality teaching and learning in the higher education sector.

“The Carrick Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning recognise longstanding commitment by university staff who have shown outstanding innovation and leadership,” Minister Bishop said.

“I congratulate the winners, who have shared in prize money of $2.53 million, for their extraordinary contribution to the learning experiences of students, particularly the Australian National University, Griffith University and the University of Melbourne for receiving 10 awards each - the maximum number possible.”

The Australian Government’s Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education was established in 2004 to provide a national focus for the enhancement of learning and teaching in Australia. It receives $26 million annually from the Australian Government for its prestigious awards programme, fellowship scheme and grants programmes.

This is the second year of these important awards which recognise academics, general staff, sessional staff and institutional associates who have shown their dedication and enthusiasm for student learning. Each award recipient received $10,000 in prize money.

A full list of winners is attached.

For further information, go to:

Media Contacts: Minister Bishop’s Office: Tory Vidler 0414 228 727 Dept of Education, Science & Training: Media unit 02 6240 7300 Non-media queries 1300 363 079



Australian Catholic University

• Dr Carolyn Broadbent

For inspiring teacher education students to build sustainable communities of learning through the ARTS Factory initiative

• Ms Maya Cranitch

For creating pathways to productive citizenship for recently arrived refugees through access to higher education with a supportive learning environment

• Ms Jacqueline Guy

For pioneering an innovative model of experimental learning for nursing students in partnership with a healthcare system in a developing country

• Dr Vaughan Monamy

For using the extensive experience gained as a practising scientist, policymaker and author to enrich and enhance teaching and to inspire learning in Environmental Science

• Ms Wendy Moran, Dr Janette Long, Associate Professor Paul White, Dr Sandi Carroll, Mr Edward Lewis

For excellent and sustained promotion of student learning in primary teacher education through school partnerships in the Teaching and Learning Consortium

• Dr Toni Noble

For an innovative, influential and sustained contribution to student learning in educational psychology and to teacher education through scholarship and publication

• Dr Kathy Robinson

For innovative adaptation of Problem-Based Learning for large and diverse classes of nursing students to promote in-depth understanding of science

• Mr Chris Sheargold

For strategic and sustained leadership in the development of a student-focused library service that demonstrably supports learning in a multi-campus university

• Dr Gill Terrett

For outstanding contribution to enhancing student learning outcomes in Psychology and in the wider University community

Australian Maritime College

• Dr Giles Thomas, Mr Paul Furness

For the creation of team-based projects, integrated with industry partners, for the teaching of ship design

Bond University

• Associate Professor Mike Grenby

For creating a unique learning environment - pedagogy, practical skills, nurturing setting - enabling students to conquer their glossophobia to become effective communicators and confident human beings

• Dr Amy Kenworthy-U'Ren, Dr Cynthia Fisher, Dr James B. Shaw, Dr Anthony Erickson

For the design and continued development of the innovative PROBE "Practical Organisational Behaviour Education" company project, run every semester at Bond University for 17 years

• Dr Warren Toomey

For supporting and encouraging student learning through enthusiasm, imaginative resources and timely feedback sustained over a period of several years

• Professor Paul Wilson, Professor Eric Colvin

For the continuous evolvement, through active student research and participation, of a subject on miscarriages of justice that is taught from a multi-disciplinary perspective

Central Queensland University

• Ms Karen Becker

For institutional leadership in the design and implementation of multi-modal approaches that facilitate and inspire student learning

• Dr Nasser Hossein-zadeh

For excellence in promoting the development of technical and professional graduate attributes among engineering students through the creation of innovative links between courses and industry

• Ms Laurel Hunt, Dr Jonathan Makuwira, Ms Vicki Pascoe, Mr Laurence Armstrong, Ms Kylie Radel

For creating and teaching a successful, culturally appropriate Tertiary Entry Program for Indigenous Australians aspiring to tertiary education, particularly to students in correctional centres

• Ms Cecily Knight

For leadership and innovation in building supportive learning environments through curriculum design and implementation and pedagogical approaches that impact on practice and policy in teacher education

• Ms Karen Seary

For creating an inspirational and caring learning and teaching environment that supports and strengthens disadvantaged students as they prepare to embark on university study

Charles Darwin University

• Ms Nicola Rolls, Mr Greg Williams, Mr Robert Wolff

For Enhancing the Quality and Success of our Students' Learning Journey through Best Practice in Curricula, Teaching, Assessment, Support and Research

• Mr Mark Thiele

For aligning the criteria of a national competition to the assessment of ENG235 Manufacturing, to provide students with a collaborative, authentic and contextualised learning experience

Charles Sturt University

• Mr Gerard Boland, Mr Bill Blaikie

For sustained, creative use of historic locales to stimulate transformatory critiques of knowledge and critical self-reflection through learning integrating all three undergraduate years

• Dr Barney Dalgarno

For innovation and sustained quality in the integrated teaching of distance and oncampus Information Technology students

• Dr John Harpter, Dr Roger Mandel, Dr Geoffrey Burrows, Ms Marion Addinsall

For excellence in team teaching providing a constructivist approach that motivates students from diverse backgrounds to learn botany in a challenging, supportive environment


• Associate Professor Lindy McAllister, Professor Gail Whiteford, Ms Bridget O'Connor, Dr Michael Curtin

For development of an innovative fieldwork program enhancing learning opportunities for allied health trans-disciplinary and intercultural practice

• Mr Rod McCulloch

For the application of marketing communication teaching and learning strategies, internationally recognised as a benchmark in the preparation of students for participation in professional practice

• Associate Professor Sharynne McLeod

For sustained dedication, innovation and enthusiasm in university teaching that has had local, national and international impact

• Associate Professor Leonora Ritter

For sustained commitment to quality learning and teaching within and beyond the University

• Associate Professor Erica Smith, Mr Bill Blaikie

For pioneering work at a national and institutional level in the embedding of a VET sector qualification into university awards, supported by robust credit transfer pathways

• Dr Rik Thwaites

For sustained excellence in student learning through the establishment, development and delivery of integrated subjects in the emergent discipline of eco-tourism

Curtin University of Technology

• Ms Alma Dender

For use of innovative technology and effective approaches in engaging first-year students in independent and collaborative learning in Occupational Therapy foundation units

• Ms Catherine Donaldson, Ms Tanya Humes, Ms Maureen Turnbull, Ms Merinda Oxenburgh, Mrs Jean Williams

For the innovative Bachelor of Education Conversion Course for Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers working in Western Australian schools

• Mr Robin Groves

For modelling excellent teaching that inspires pre-service secondary teachers to become independent learners and outstanding teachers

• Ms Christine Howitt

For excellence in developing innovative and engaging learning experiences that model best practice science teaching and learning

• Ms Lorel Mayberry

For innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning that motivate and inspire sexology students

• Associate Professor Beverley Oliver, Professor Jane den Hollander, Ms Beatrice Tucker, Ms Julie-Ann Pegden, Ms Tamara Houston

For designing and implementing eVALUate, an online evaluation system for students and staff focusing on students' achievement of learning outcomes and closing the feedback loop

• Dr Kerry Smith, Dr Paul Genoni, Dr Margaret Pember, Dr Maggie Exon, Ms Christine Richardson

For enhancing student learning in Information Studies through commitment to flexible learning environments and embedding of practical professional knowledge to focus the students' learning experiences

Deakin University

• Dr Rodney Carr

Leading the development and sharing of good teaching practices in the creation of engaging learning environments at the unit, faculty and University level

• Dr Raylene Cooke

For a highly supportive, comprehensive and caring approach to teaching course-wide that develops positive learning experiences, practical skills and graduate outcomes in environmental science

• Professor David Crawford

For longstanding commitment to independent and relevant learning through the effective training and mentoring of Higher Degree by Research students in nutrition and physical activity

• Ms Jan Fermelis

For the collaborative development of generic skills in business communication and integrated support of international student learning in commerce

• Dr Maria Gibson

For developing a fertile and fun learning environment enabling a diversity of student learning to bloom in the field of Plant Biology and Australian Vegetation

• Dr Dale Holt

For longstanding leadership and support for the professional development of teaching staff to advance student learning in the field of flexible, online and distance education

• Dr Katrina Mandy Oakham

For imaginative and interactive technology-supported teaching strategies that develop students' professional practice skills in undergraduate and postgraduate journalism education programs

• Dr Richard Tucker

For innovative teaching, assessment and related scholarship in enabling effective collaborative, multi-disciplinary, studio-based learning in architectural design

• Associate Professor Greg Wood

Engaging students in business ethics through the creative design and use of multimedia case-based resources in association with interactive online and classroom teaching

Edith Cowan University

• Dr Jan Gray, Dr Danielle Brady

For ground-breaking collaborative development of a technology-rich learning environment, and highly effective teaching that enhances the research capacity of social science postgraduate students

• Dr Bridget Leggett, Dr Michael Harvey, Associate Professor Glenda Campbell-Evans

For pioneering work developing a highly successful and pedagogically appropriate bilingual program for educational leaders, in close partnership with Zhejiang Normal University (China)

• Associate Professor Joseph Luca

For sustained contributions that inspire students and enhance learning and employment outcomes through the creative use of innovative technologies and authentic tasks

• Professor Judith Rivalland

For forty years of leadership in literacy education, inspiring teachers to achieve the best possible learning outcomes, particularly with children who find reading difficult

• Associate Professor Susan Stoney

For 27 years of inspirational, sustained leadership and mentoring in the adoption of innovative technologies and workplace relevant curricula

Flinders University

• Dr Diana Glenn, Dr Eric Bouvet, Dr Maria Luz Long, Associate Professor Michael Tsianikas

For sustained excellence and leadership in the development of a diverse and innovative research-based curriculum in language pedagogy and cultural studies

• Associate Professor Elizabeth Handsley, Dr Christopher Reynolds, Ms Rebecca Laforgia

For innovation and effectiveness in creating a framework to develop student independence through training in the generic and professional skill of group work

• Dr Lindy King, Dr Jane Neill, Ms Kerry Taylor

For sustained leadership of a collaborative academic and clinical mentoring program that encourages passion for clinical research, further study and publication among undergraduate nursing students

• Associate Professor Kathleen Knights, Ms Karen Lillywhite, Mrs Gail Easterbrook, Professor John Miners, Dr Arduino Mangoni

For promotion of safe and effective medication management through an innovative elearning pharmacology course for Nurse Practitioners in urban, rural and remote areas of Australia

• Dr Salah Kutieleh, Ms Sandra Egege, Ms Julia Miller, Ms Regina Sliuzas, Ms Jeni Thomas

For sustained excellence in developing and adapting support programmes that allow international students to succeed academically and grow personally while in Australia

• Ms Sue Lenthall, Ms Sabina Knight, Dr John Wakerman, Ms Heather Jensen, Ms Tahnia Edwards

For the design and implementation of a multidisciplinary curriculum to meet the learning needs of Remote Health Professionals

• Dr Ian Menz, Ms Karen Burke Da Silva, Mr David Wood

For leadership in the development of an interactive model of teaching focused on engagement and retention in large science based classes

• Associate Professor Joe Shapter

Through the leadership of A/P Joe Shapter, Flinders University established the world's first nanotechnology undergraduate degree using many ground breaking approaches to science education

• Ms Jan Thompson

For a courageous, long standing commitment, to developing curriculum and teaching health professionals about the impact of discriminatory practices on the provision of health care

Griffith University

• Dr Gary Allen

For a sustained, significant and far-reaching contribution to the learning and practice of research ethics training

• Ms Lesleigh Brennan, Emeritus Professor Des Power

For 21 years of outstanding support facilitating the access and achievement of deaf students in higher education

• Professor Bruce Burton

For the real integration of theory and practice and the development of reflective approaches to learning in drama education and applied theatre

• Associate Professor Denis Crane

For sustained contribution to providing a partnership-based approach to RHD student training and outcomes in the molecular biosciences

• Dr Dianne Dredge

For leadership in the development and delivery of planning education that links theory and practice, and instils in students a passion and enthusiasm for environmental planning

• Mr Matthew Hitchcock

For creating and sustaining an innovative music technology learning community to empower students' transition to professional practice

• Dr Kym Macfarlane, Ms Jennifer Cartmel

For reconceptualising practicum experiences for students of early childhood education to facilitate critical reflection of their own practice and that of others

• Dr Ann McDonnell

For leading undergraduate biomedical students on an inspirational journey to explore the true essence of "being human"

• Associate Professor Dianne Watters

For scholarly research into student learning in the molecular biosciences and implementation of appropriate feedback and assessment practices to challenge students with authentic problem-solving activities

• Associate Professor Keithia Wilson

For a systems enabling approach to student access - from engagement to graduation

James Cook University

• Dr Linda Ashton

For activating in graduates a passion for the art of teaching, enriched by inclusive, collaborative, successful public art projects for and with local communities

• Dr Pierre Benckendorff

For enriching the learning experiences of business and tourism students through a reciprocal and interactive teaching style, creative assessment and systematic feedback

• Dr Kirsten Heimann

For developing students' conceptual understanding, quantitative and generic skills through innovative, problem-based teaching and hands-on training in large and diverse foundation Biology classes

• Mr Peter Jones

For sustained excellence in creating authentic and transformative learning experiences for social welfare students studying both on-campus and through distance education at a regional university

• Dr Stephen Naylor

For sharing practical research with Creative Arts students in regional centres, to illustrate the significance of art theory within contemporary global contexts

• Dr Ulla Secher

For creating motivating, inclusive, highly effective learning environments in large, compulsory regional law courses through curriculum reflecting enthusiasm for, and a command of, the field

• Dr Madoc Sheehan

For challenging and supporting engineering students to develop mastery of complex systems analysis skills and providing student oriented pathways to success in research and industry

• Mrs Joanne Tollefson

For sustained leadership and development of effective, evidence-based practical curricula, along with a system for assessing nursing skills competency for regional and international nursing

• Mrs Kristin Wicking

Connecting the dots: Helping the first year nursing students connect with the subject materials, each other and the teacher, by using scaffolding and technology in assessments

La Trobe University

• Acting Professor Grant Cairns

For fostering mathematics students' development and encouraging their active engagement in mathematics, through high-level reading groups, seminars, enquiry driven research projects and joint publication

• Dr John Farhall

For developing opportunities for postgraduate psychology students to learn about and research severe mental illness in order to better integrate academic study and professional practice

• Associate Professor Glynda Kinsella

For sustaining my commitment to developing innovative professional programs in clinical neuropsychology to enable students to become skilled and effective in meeting community needs

Macquarie University

• Mr Chris Baumann

For infectious enthusiasm in motivating students to learn about business and marketing, reflected in curriculum development incorporating research, cross-cultural team approaches and business community links

• Professor John Croucher

For the creation and enthusiastic presentation of innovative methodologies that influence and motivate students by enhancing critical and analytical thinking and problem solving skills

• Mr Sam Jebeile

For the ongoing scholarly development and implementation of curricula and resources in large classes that assist and enhance student engagement with their studies in accounting

• Mr Joseph Macri

For innovative, student-centred teaching, with passion, care and enthusiasm, that inspires students to embrace economics and to love learning

• Dr Jemina Napier

For pioneering and developing an innovative research-led program and complementary resources to enhance the learning experience of sign language interpreting students

• Dr Alan Taylor

For using the optimal learning conditions inherent in individual and small group statistical consulting to inspire students to develop their research and data analytical skills

• Dr Wilhelmina Van Rooy

For excellence in the professional development of beginning science teachers, and for providing challenging opportunities for them to think critically about classroom practice

• Ms Penelope Watson

For outstanding expertise and innovation in assessment and feedback that foster independent learning, and strategic and systematic leadership in improving and disseminating quality assessment practice

Monash University

• Associate Professor Denise Cuthbert

For a decade of exemplary practice in graduate research supervision and outstanding academic leadership in graduate research education in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

• Associate Professor Gordon Sanson, Dr Murray Logan, Mr Bruce Weir, Dr Richard Reina, Mr Graeme Ivey

For applying advanced digital technology that integrates biological data collection including microscope imaging, data sharing and group analysis to stimulate and enhance teaching and learning

• Ms Julieanne Tilbury

For a decade of contributing to the overall student experience through personalized administrative and welfare support, particularly to international students, underpinning and enhancing course growth

• Dr Jane Tracy

For designing a curriculum in Disability Medicine and developing resources and a teaching team to deliver it in ways that engage, inform and inspire students

• Mr Peter Wagstaff

For innovative use of communication technologies to effectively engage large cohorts of students and to motivate them as independent learners

Murdoch University

• Ms Merrilee Albatis, Ms Pam Mathews, Ms Margaret Solosy, Mrs Soun Wong

For the development and delivery of a flexible program to enhance student information literacy, embedded within the first year degree structure

• Ms Anna Copeland, Ms Gai Walker, Ms Amanda McGow, Ms Glynes Rynn, Ms Rhonda Zelina

For sustained excellence in providing an experiential learning environment which engages students in a lifelong commitment to social justice

• Dr Marian Kemp

For university-wide contributions to the development of critical numeracy in tertiary curricular

• Associate Professor Robert Mead

For sustained commitment to the academic support of students and for the development of innovative teaching materials that stimulate engagement and enhance understanding and learning

• Dr Philip Nicholls

For novel, engaging and flexible approaches to teaching histology and histopathology in the Health Sciences

• Dr Rob Phillips

For leadership in scholarly academic practice in the use of Information and Communication Technology to improve learning and teaching

• Dr Jacqueline Phillips

For the implementation and on-going development of a summer scholarship program that drives a culture of research and independent learning for undergraduate students

Queensland University of Technology

• Dr Beatrice Atherton

For the development of a distinctive French language curriculum which fosters the acquisition of real-world competencies to facilitate students' transition to international working environments

• Associate Professor Christopher Collet

For development of an innovative degree that blends the disparate disciplines of science and business and created a new career pathway into commercialisation of science

• Dr Annah Healy

A commitment to students as designers of their own learning, modelling for them an inspirational vision of how classrooms can be

• Dr Tony Jewels

For establishing real-world perspectives of knowledge intensive project environments, providing students with state-of-the-art skills which enable them to become valuable project team players

• Dr Karen Nelson

For excellence in the design and implementation of curricula that meets the needs of students and the IT profession

• Ms Judith Peacock, Ms Judith Peacock

For developing and leading systemic and sustainable models of intentional information literacy learning which empowers students as independent, discerning and masterful users of information

• Mr Richard Thomas

For innovative curriculum development, contributions to the scholarship of teaching, and preparing students for professional practice

RMIT University

• Dr Sylvester Abanteriba

For the creation of work integrated learning projects in global companies which enable students to experience differing cultural work practices and enhance graduate employability in the globalised economy

• Ms Susan Costello

For the provision of experiential learning opportunities that encourage student self awareness of international cross cultural engagement and foster independent social responsibility and action

• Dr Amalia Di Lorio, Mr Paul Robert Cerotti

For the development of sustainable study tours offering unique learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students that address internationalisation of the student learning experience

• Associate Professor Heather Fehring

For a decade of sustained and significant contribution to students' and teachers' professional knowledge in the field of research and literacy education

• Dr James Harland

For innovative development in curriculum design, tutorial and assessment processes to improve student engagement in a second-year Computing Theory subject

• Ms Anne Lennox, Ms Celeste Simpliciano

For institutional leadership in academic integrity through the application of copyright management which fosters cultural awareness and provides implementation strategies for students and academic staff

• Ms Judith Lyons

For leadership in educational development and embedding educational innovations into curricula to enhance student learning experiences and outcomes

• Associate Professor Barry Meehan, Associate Professor Ian Thomas

For the tailored creation of a multi-disciplinary experiential model that assists Environment students to work in an international project based learning context

Southern Cross University

• Mr Stephen Rowe

For pioneering online teaching approaches which have transformed student learning and created institutional change

• Mr Des Stewart, Ms Judy Hibberd, Ms Di Clarke, Mr Craig Littler, Mr Tim Pedrazzini

For the provision of innovative library and information services which are integrated with the changing teaching and learning needs of staff and students

Swinburne University of Technology

• Mr Aaron Blicblau

For excellence in sustaining and enhancing first year learning experiences in materials engineering enabling independent application of formative learning to capstone projects

• Ms Lisa Gye

For excellence in the implementation of law media technologies into the curriculum with a view to enhancing the learning experiences of students

• Dr Stephen Theiler

For excellence in developing and evaluating strategic educational interventions designed to enhance learning outcomes for first year psychology students with low ENTER scores

• Mr Mark Tucker, Ms Janet Bryant

For innovative curriculum on globalisation, including a study tour that exposes students to international business practice, different cultures and provides opportunity to enhance personal growth

Dr Denise Whitehouse, Ms Nanette Carter, Ms Elizabeth Ninnis, Ms Kellee Frith,

Ms Diane Robbie

For the implementation of innovative teaching approaches and the development of a dynamic, blended learning environment in Design History

The Australian National University

• Associate Professor Richard Baker

For a sustained history of pedagogic scholarly activities that have enhanced learning at the ANU and more broadly nationally and internationally within the Geography discipline

• Dr Cris Brack

For a decade of integrating field and problem based learning with imaginative resources to foster research-led learning, while influencing the profession through publication and leadership

• Dr Robert Dyball

For research-led education for sustainability through student engagement in campus environmental management practices

• Dr Elisabeth Findlay

For dedication and excellence in delivering innovative and inspiring Art History courses that prepare students for future careers as art historians and gallery curators

• Dr Rebecca Kippen

For teaching strongly relevant technical skills in demographic research to students of all abilities through real-world examples

• Professor Michael Martin

For nearly two decades of making statistics interesting, relevant and fun!

• Dr Elizabeth Minchin

For implementation of teaching and assessment strategies that make Ancient Greek and Latin accessible to ab initio students, building confidence and enthusiasm for further study

• Dr Michael Platow

For continued excellence in the development and delivery of undergraduate lecture and laboratory classes in the science of social psychology

• Mr Gilbert Riedelbauch

For creative and stimulating induction of first-year visual art students into the professional use of new digital technologies

• Ms Amelia Simpson

For challenging students to engage critically and reflectively with public law, in a spirit of joint enterprise and an empowering classroom environment

The University of Adelaide

• Dr Peter Ashman

For the creative use of 'real-world', open-ended scenarios in Chemical Engineering to promote the development of not just skills in problem analysis, but the ability to perceive and to choose between multiple solutions

• Associate Professor Mark Buntine, Associate Professor Scott Kable (University of Sydney),

Dr Simon Barrie (University of Sydney), Mr Justin Read (University of Adelaide), Dr Ian Jamie (Macquarie University)

For the development and implementation of the ACELL project, that is improving the quality of teaching and learning in undergraduate chemistry laboratories throughout Australia

• Dr Colin Kestell

For Stimulating confident, self directed student learning by modelling engineering practice in the classroom while providing challenging, innovative and relevant curricula

• Associate Professor Elizabeth Koch OAM

For outstanding contribution to student learning in the field of music through the empathetic, effective mentoring of music students, particularly those studying the flute

• Associate Professor Maree O'Keefe

For innovative paediatric curriculum development including real and simulated experiential learning and consumer participation to enhance medical student learning

• Ms Lucy Potter

For outstanding modelling of both effective, student-centred teaching and dynamic leadership in the discipline of English, including ESL

• Associate Professor Anne Tonkin

For promoting and managing an integrated curriculum for medical students while enthusiastically modelling effective, student-centred teaching and learning in the classroom and the clinic

• Associate Professor Tracey Winning

For sustained scholarship in the implementation of problem-based learning in the discipline of dentistry, along with student mentoring that inspires successful, self directed learning

The University of Melbourne

• Professor Jeff Borland

For two decades of teaching of large student cohorts in economics, including innovative curriculum design and resource development to support student learning

• Dr Jui-shan Chang

For a decade of innovative pedagogy that has positively influenced students' learning experiences and cross-cultural sensibilities and understanding

• Dr Shanika Karunasekera

For continuous engagement of, and with, engineering students to improve their learning outcomes through innovative and effective problem-based teaching and a unique student development approach

• Associate Professor Ian Malkin

For ongoing leadership and commitment to creating a stimulating, nurturing learning environment in law

• Associate Professor Philomena Murray

For pioneering the first European Union curriculum in Australia and leadership in national and international curriculum development through sustained commitment to student learning and research

• Dr Angela Paladino

For exceptional innovation and influence in creating authentic and contemporary learning experiences for undergraduate students studying in the 'marketing' field

• Ms Cheryl Power

For exceptional dedication and leadership in the development of learning and teaching in Microbiology, particularly through the Australian Society for Microbiology's Education Special Interest Group

• Ms Marcelle Scott

For innovation in the development of an industry focussed, internationally relevant curriculum in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Conservation, that engages and stimulates student learning

• Associate Professor David Shallcross

For sustained commitment to excellence, innovation and leadership in chemical engineering education in Australia and internationally

• Dr Harald Sondergaard

For sustained excellence in teaching over more than 15 years, and for a decade's institutional leadership in educational reform and staff development

The University of New England

• Associate Professor Matthew Dillon, Associate Professor Lynda Garland

For sustained excellence in scholarly activities and curriculum development which has enhanced the teaching and learning of first-year Ancient History both at UNE and internationally

• Professor Adrian Kiernander, Ms Sue Fell, Mr Andrew McCue, Dr Anne Pender

For sustained commitment and innovation over 15 years in devising and providing realworld learning experiences for off-campus students in the practical study of theatre

• Dr Peter Lye, Dr Trevor Brown, Dr Chris Fellows, Associate Professor Kiyo Fujimori, Professor Stephen Glover

Overcoming the tyranny of distance in tertiary chemical education through innovative distance learning curricula and resources

• Dr Jennifer McDonell

For sustained, innovative English curricula and resources covering Renaissance to Contemporary literatures that inspire students to see texts, language and the world from multiple perspectives

• Mrs Frances Munro, Mrs Yves Byers, Mrs Margaret Keane, Mr Cameron Colless

Going the extra mile: for sustained teamwork that brings geographically remote and disadvantaged students into our UNE learning community through personalised attention in access centres

• Mr Guido Posthausen, Ms Diane Mumbler, Mr Michael Brogan

For a high impact Indigenous tertiary preparation program that assists students to engage confidently in tertiary studies by integrating their individual academic and sociocultural needs

• Dr Barbara Rugendyke

For inspiring students to envisage and pursue greater global equity, through stimulating cross-cultural understanding, global awareness and critical thinking and about social justice issues

• Dr John Scott

For passionate and accessible teaching which stimulates, encourages and sustain students through the construction of interactive and pluralistic learning environments

The University of New South Wales

• Dr Sean Brawley

For outstanding leadership in the scholarship of the learning and teaching of history

• Associate Professor Jacquelyn Cranney, Dr Sue Morris, Dr Branka Spehar, Dr Ben Newell

For engaging first year students by personalising the large class experience and promoting life-long learning skills

• Professor Alan Crosky, Ms Belinda Allen, Professor Mark Hoffman, Professor Paul Munroe

For sustained institutional and discipline leadership in the development of online learning tools through response to multiple student-outcome metrics

• Associate Professor Robin Ford

For helping students to develop engineers' eyes: three decades of providing outstanding learning and teaching

• Professor Rakesh Kumar

For development and implementation of practical class teaching using virtual microscopy, to enhance student engagement and promote collaborative, crossdisciplinary learning

• Ms Jan McLean

For an outstanding program that, as an exemplar of evidence-based teaching, has shown significant impact in improving scholarly teaching and enhancing student learning

• Ms Pam Mort, Associate Professor Robin Ford, Dr Paul Hagan, Dr Chris Daly, Dr Iain Skinner

For outstanding contribution to developing student academic literacy in the Faculty of Engineering UNSW: A partnership approach between the faculty and the Learning Centre

• Dr Vaughan Rees, Ms Patricia Taylor

For excellence in academic mentoring and administrative support of professional design Internships

• Dr Gary Velan

For the design, development and implementation of integrated online formative assessments in the biomedical sciences, which provide automated individualised feedback and motivate independent learning

The University of Newcastle

• Dr John Anderson

For developing an innovative Local Court observation program for first year law students that encourages deep learning and professionalism through clinical experience

• Mr Greg Anderson, Ms Katie Battison, Ms Marion Wilson, Ms Vicki Picasso, Ms Alison Rigby

For leadership and creativity in developing a round-the-clock information and learning environment that is flexible, innovative and inspiring

• Dr William Gladstone

For inspiring and motivating first year undergraduate science students through a nationally recognised and exemplary, real-life approach to conversation education

• Professor Jenny Gore, Associate Professor James Ladwig

For sustained excellence and leadership in transforming teaching and learning in teacher education through the development of innovative conceptual frameworks and resources

• Dr Geoff MacFarlane

For inspiring and encouraging deep and independent learning in biology students through an innovative approach to student scholarship and online peer assessment

• Ms Lorna Maclellan, Mr Tony Buxton, Professor Dimity Pond, Dr Nayan Shah, Mr Matthew Walsh

For a multidisciplinary, multimodal program for specialist nurse practitioner education that is student focused and recognised nationally as a hallmark in practice

• Dr Alistair Rolls, Ms Laurie Vuaille-Barcan

For innovation and excellence in revitalising a small discipline through intensive teamwork and by reaching out to multiple communities of learners

• Ms Cathy Stone

For sustained commitment to the highest quality support for commencing students through the development of innovative student mentoring programs

The University of Queensland

• Dr Jason Connor

For the Development of an Innovative Clinical Communication Skills Program for Medical Students

• Dr David Ip

For a decade of exemplary supervision and support of postgraduate research and coursework master students in the field of social science

• Dr Noriko Iwashita

For developing effective learning communities in ethnically-diverse groups through enquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning at the postgraduate level

• Dr Nick James

For the creation of teaching and assessment strategies that encourage critical thinking and continuous and independent learning by non-law students in a large law course

• Dr Paul Mills, Dr Andrew Bradley, Dr Peter Woodall, Dr Shan Lloyd

For the development of collaborative and reflective learning and preparation of students for professional life, through the use of Virtual Microscopy, an innovative and flexible learning tool

• Dr Peter Newcombe, Ms Astrid Sirowatka, Professor Tian Oei, Dr John McLean, Associate Professor Virginia Slaughter

For developing and maintaining exemplary broad-based support for international students in academic, personal and cultural transition

• Dr Rob Pensalfini

For sustained commitment to creating a safe and empathetic learning environment which encourages the development of each learner as a whole person

• Dr Murray Phillips

For the design and delivery of innovative, pedagogical strategies that raise critical awareness of sport and actively engage students in large lecture settings

• Dr Margaret Wegener

For readying diverse student cohorts for further learning by effectively engaging them in a variety of first-year level physics courses

The University of Sydney

• Mr John Baguley, Dr Christine Hawke, Ms Susan Matthew, Ms Melanie Robson,

Mr Frederico Costa

For the development of authentic, varied and rigorous assessment procedures that foster independent and lifelong learning in veterinary professional environments

• Dr Janette Bobis

For empowering students to learn and to teach mathematics with understanding through inspirational teaching approaches and innovative embedded assessment practices

• Dr Lyn Carson

For sustained, innovative approaches to teaching that create democratic environments, within and beyond the university, which spark students' democratic imagination and inspire lifelong, active citizenship

• Mrs Joanne Elliot, Professor David Handelsman

For creating an unique opportunity for undergraduate students to experience genuine biomedical research in a state-of-the-art research environment with world class researchers

• Ms Jacqueline Hicks

For specialised expertise in supporting the diverse learning and information literacy needs of students across a range of subject areas and candidature levels

• Dr Jill Kelton, Ms Nadia Bradley

Enhancing the overall student experience by building a lasting sense of belonging and engagement through a Faculty-based postgraduate peer mentoring program

• Dr Donna O'Connor

For specialist expertise in the unique design and outstanding implementation of an innovative M.Ed course resulting in a diverse learning environment that promotes

student engagement

The University of Western Australia

• Professor Lynette Abbott

For innovative use of assessment to stimulate creativity and depth of learning and for strategic contribution towards embedding a culture of mentoring within the university

• Professor Dennis Haskell

For leadership in developing innovative regional and international teaching programmes; and for practising quality teaching, particularly to international students, over a considerable period of time

• Mr Lance Maschmedt

For excellence over a period of 42 years in the provision of physics teaching support leading to enhanced learning outcomes

• Professor John McGeachie

For enthusiastic delivery of fundamental biological principles of human development, structure and function to first and second year science and preclinical students

• Dr Judy Skene

For innovative contributions that foster successful student transition, learning and engagement and for a commitment to equity and diversity

• Mrs Sue Smurthwaite

For an outstanding, sustained contribution to transforming the culture of a research intensive university to also embrace a strong teaching and learning ethos and performance

• Professor Brian Stone

For sustained and innovative contributions to unique resources combining computer and face to face methodologies, which substantially enhance the quality and success of the student learning experience

University of Ballarat

• Dr Candice Boyd

For the development of an effective mentoring group that enables students from rural areas achieve academic success through engagement in research with high social impact

• Mr Jason Giri

For the development and delivery of an innovative first year mathematics unit which attracts and engages students and inspires further study in mathematics

• Associate Professor Allan Mann, Ms Loris Button, Associate Professor James Sillitoe

For the implementation, organisation and development of a team approach towards innovative supervision of graduate candidates in the creative arts

University of Canberra

• Dr Margi Bohm

For revitalising the teaching of first year statistics to science students to enhance lifelong skills in data analysis through student driven experiential learning

• Ms Amanda Burrell

For specialist expertise in designing and teaching communication campaign theory and practice, resulting in higher student and staff involvement and development with industry-relevant, creative outcomes

• Dr Patricia Easteal

For effective, research-led learning approaches that engage law students in independent and critical inquiry into the complex ties between law, society and access to justice

• Associate Professor Anita Mak

For leadership in developing students' cross-cultural awareness and social skills for transition to university life, professional preparation and lifelong learning

• Ms Julie Posetti

For inspiring journalism students to learn independently through a passionate and creative approach to teaching, focusing on ethical industry practice and engagement with the profession

University of South Australia

• Dr Syed Mahfuzul Aziz

For sustained commitment to implementing innovative project-based learning strategies and developing resources leading to enhanced student satisfaction

• Mr David Badenoch

For a sustained, innovative and scholarly approach to reflective teaching and studentcentred learning facilitating high levels of student satisfaction and advancement of graduate qualities

• Ms Susan Gilbert Hunt

For sustained commitment in innovative curriculum development that fosters student ability to work autonomously in addressing the needs of target community groups

• Dr Carol Grech

For innovation in program design and implementation to support and enhance international nursing students' transition to the Australian healthcare workforce

• Associate Professor Eimear Muir-Cochrane

For over a decade of sustained innovation and leadership in teaching and curricula development in postgraduate mental health programs

• Dr Ioana Petrescu

For the development and implementation of innovative curricula integrating learning resources created by students as professional apprentices and academic learners

• Dr Jyothi Thalluri

For developing and implementing innovative learning initiatives for commencing and continuing Nursing/Midwifery undergraduates that significantly contribute to individual student success and positive learning experience

• Ms Kirsten Wahlstrom, Ms Sue Tyerman, Ms Rebecca Witt

For introducing experimental learning via transnational teamwork with real clients to the assessment of IT students

University of Southern Queensland

• Mr David Bull

For 18 years contribution to the rehabilitation of offenders in custody through the provision of a higher education access program by distance education

• Mrs Linda Galligan, Associate Professor Janet Taylor

For a decade of leadership and exemplary practice in evidence-based curriculum development for mathematics learning support for USQ students studying on and off campus

• Mrs Suzanne Milroy

For contextualised use of technology and personal interaction to provide a consistent, sustainable and integrated University-wide approach to support the student learning journey

• Associate Professor Alfio Parisi

For the development of curricula and imaginative resources that enhance life-long undergraduate and postgraduate learning in Physics for on-campus and distance education students

• Professor James Taylor

For 25 years of sustained leadership in enhancing the quality of open and distance learning in higher education, both in Australia and internationally

University of Tasmania

• Associate Professor Pamela Allen

For exemplary guidance of student learning through the use of authentic and engaging strategies designed to facilitate students' deep understanding and appreciation of culture and language

• Dr Christopher Burke

For sustained enthusiasm and commitment to student-centred learning of the scientific method in order to achieve positive learning outcomes in undergraduate microbiology

• Associate Professor Susan Jones

For championing and supporting teaching development and improving the student learning environment at the level of the school, faculty and university

• Dr Catriona McLeod

For innovative, holistic approaches to student learning, leading to architecture students demonstrating and applying more sophisticated levels of functioning knowledge

• Dr John Purser

For facilitating links between the University and aquaculture industry to create high quality work-integrated learning experiences for students

University of Technology Sydney

• Dr Laurence Brady

For enhancing understanding of curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation for prospective and practising teachers

• Ms Marie Flood, Dr Mary Coupland, Mrs Narelle Woodland, Dr Simon Darcy, Ms Frances Rogan

For sustained contribution to the academic success and university experience of students with special needs and disabilities, by negotiating and supporting equitable

learning and assessment arrangements

• Dr Elaine Jeffreys, Dr Paul Allatson, Dr Kate Barclay, Dr Leigh Barbara, Dr Pratt Murray

For developing students' international and intercultural competence by providing outstanding preparation and support for students undertaking university study in a non- English speaking country

• Ms Sonya Pearce

Sustained and scholarly leadership of courses, teaching and student support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students

• Ms Fran Rogan, Ms Caroline San Miguel

For an innovative and collaborative communication program embedded in a nursing degree that improves clinical practice outcomes for students from non-English speaking backgrounds

• Associate Professor Stephen Teo

For sustained contributions in practice-based, research-led curriculum and assessment design to provide Business graduates with work ready competencies in HRM

• Professor Louise Young, Ms Lynne Freeman, Ms Daniela Spanjaard

For sustained development of student inspiration, achievement and curiosity through their engagement in a practice-based, research-led group project setting

University of the Sunshine Coast

• Dr Karen Brooks

For sustained and outstanding teaching, writing and public engagement that motivates, challenges and inspires undergraduate students as well as the wider community

• Ms Gayle Mayes

For enhancing students' employability and work readiness by providing a motivational work integrated learning experience that incorporates an individualised and supportive student-to-work transitional process

University of Western Sydney

• Dr Janice Hall

For outstanding contribution to teaching and learning in post-graduate and graduate entry primary and secondary teacher education

• Dr Christine Halse

Exemplary contribution to the supervision of education doctoral candidates in education to bridge the gap between academic research and the 'real world' of education curriculum, policy and practice

• Professor John Lodewijks

Sustained commitment to improving the first year learning experience via innovative learning strategies, peer mentoring, web-based communications and two decades of scholarly activity

• Dr Glenn Pearce

For facilitating student engagement and memorable learning through the imaginative use of educational drama techniques, including puppetry-in-education and ventriloquism

• Associate Professor Kerry Robinson

For specialist expertise in innovative curriculum and transformative pedagogies that inspire and motivate students to learn and scholarly research that enhances learning and teaching

• Dr Deirdre Russell-Bowie

For excellence in inspiring and motivating student learning through providing quality, research-based creative arts experiences and a suite of nationally acclaimed teaching resources

University of Wollongong

• Ms Maureen Bell

A significant contribution to the professional development of university teachers through innovative curriculum development and scholarly dissemination

• Professor Patrick Crookes

Redefining the research skills required by health professionals: from ability to 'do research' to capabilities in research appreciation and application

• Dr Deslea Konza

Leadership and dissemination of expertise in classroom management and literacy through resource development, short courses and curriculum integration

• Dr Gary Noble

For the development, review and pedagogical refinement of curricula and resources that bridge the divide between theory and professional practice in the field of marketing

• Dr Anne Porter

Leadership in improving learning outcomes in informatics through staff mentoring in systematic quality improvement processes and projects

• Ms Sally Rogan, Mr Phill Dawson

Leadership and mentoring in the adaptation, dissemination and advancement of the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Program

• Mr Martin Smith

For strategies, programs and services that help students make connections between their disciplines and the world of work

• Professor Julie Steele

Excellence, passion and commitment to explore the teaching-research nexus and engage students at all levels in biomechanics

• Professor Robert Whelan

For insight, creativity and leadership in creating a new program for science students, giving a global perspective on science and deep understanding of social context

Victoria University

• Dr Colin Hocking

For establishing Iramoo Community Centre and Wildlife Park to advance learning and develop understanding and concrete action to conserve threatened species in the Western Melbourne region

• Mr Alan McWilliams, Ms Fiona Henderson, Ms Greeja DeSilva

Excellence in curriculum redesign to support students' diverse learning needs on and offshore, and leadership in the development of a teaching team to achieve this

• Dr Hao Shi, Ms Jane Madden, Ms Joanne Tyler

For novel and effective approaches to life-long student learning and employability through a cross university interdisciplinary collaborative teaching program developed over an extended period