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Alarm bells ringing as Chifley unemployment rate approaches 10%

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ROGER PRICE MP Federal Member for Chifley


30th March 2004


Local Federal MP Roger Price has accused the Howard Government of ignoring the employment needs of the people of Chifley, after the unemployment rate in the electorate rose to 9.4%.

The jobless figure climbed by 0.5% in the three months to December 2003, the fifth consecutive quarterly rise, leaving another 403 local people out of work.

“In the space of just one year, our unemployment rate has climbed by 3.2%. It’s totally unacceptable”, Mr. Price said.

“Since the last election, the number of Chifley residents active in the workforce has dropped by 5,712, while a further 1,805 local residents have joined the ranks of the unemployed.

“The size of the local workforce is contracting, while the number of unemployed persons continues to climb unabated.

“The problem is clearly spiralling out of control and yet the Government is asleep at the wheel”.

Mr. Price said the Prime Minister’s response to his question without notice last October indicated that he would not act to prevent further increases.

“The Prime Minister said back in October that there would always be pockets of comparatively high unemployment and that that was just a fact of life”, he said.

“Well, I’m saying that the people of Chifley deserve better than that from their Prime Minister.

“They are facing an unemployment rate nearly double that of some neighbouring electorates and yet John Howard says they should just cop it. It just goes to show how the Prime Minister takes the people of Western Sydney for granted”.

Mr. Price said it was time for the Howard Government to do the right thing by Chifley families.

“John Howard’s campaign slogan when he won office in 1996 was ‘for all of us’. It would nice if for once this Prime Minister would govern for the people of Chifley”.

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