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A climate resilient Australia: the Coalition's clean energy plan for Australia.

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Malcolm Turnbull Alexander Downer Ian Macfarlane

Minister for the Minister for Foreign Affairs Minister for Industry,

Environment and Water Resources Tourism and Resources

20 November 2007


A re-elected Coalition Government will steer Australia into a clean energy future, working to reduce emissions globally and at home while maintaining our economic strength.

The Coalition’s climate change policy, released today, is rational, far-sighted and sustainable.

“Climate change means we must undergo a fundamental transformation to a low-carbon economic future,” Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

“This is a particular challenge given that Australia’s commodity-based economy is highly dependent on carbon, and therefore emission-intensive industrial activity and exports.”

“Our plan reflects Australia’s unique vulnerabilities and particular economic strengths,” Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said.

“Importantly, our plan is global, regional, national and local.”

“The structure of our economy means our prosperity is threatened if our response to climate change is misguided and driven by ideology,” Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said.

“Our plan for a clean energy future will continue to be delivered through practical, commonsense policies and investments that protect our economic prosperity.”

A re-elected Coalition Government will:

• work for an effective international climate change framework that includes the world’s major greenhouse gas emitting countries;

• set a long-term target for reducing emissions following careful and detailed economic assessment of the impacts on Australia’s economy and families;

• establish the world’s most comprehensive emissions trading system;

• develop standards for robust and transparent offsets to be accredited under Australia’s emissions trading scheme;

• establish a national Climate Change Fund to support climate action and assist low-income households most affected by higher energy bills;


• implement a national Clean Energy Target requiring that 15 per cent of electricity comes from low emissions sources by 2020;

• establish a new National Research Institute for Geothermal Energy;

• support new and innovative renewable energy, through a new $75 million competitive grants programme and specific project grants;

• continue support for clean coal and gas technologies including through $20 million for new gas processing technology;

• further explore carbon storage, including through $40 million for geological mapping and $10 million for design and engineering studies on a major commercial carbon storage project proposal;

• establish a one-stop shop for community climate support to help Australian households and community groups access Government support for energy and water efficiency measures;

• work with our APEC partners towards our shared commitment to reducing energy intensity by 25 per cent by 2030 and increasing forest cover by 20 million hectares by 2020; and

• develop a national action plan on energy efficiency to deliver economic benefits through greater energy efficiency and assist the transition to a carbon-constrained future.

A re-elected Coalition Government will also help develop South Australia as a “clean energy state”, given its renewable and low-emissions energy, carbon storage and world-class clean energy research potential.

These measures build on the Coalition’s comprehensive climate change strategy. Our clean energy plan for Australia will ensure that generations to come can look forward to a climate resilient future.

Media Contact: Mr Turnbull’s office: Brad Burke 0400 337 252 Mr Macfarlane’s office: Claire Wilkinson 0419 840 452 Mr Downer’s office: Malcolm Cole 0408 612 603