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Greens opportunist attacks on Sir Joh 'below-the-belt'

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Senator Ron Boswell National Party - Queensland

Media Release - 8 July 2004

Greens opportunist attacks on Sir Joh ‘below-the-belt’

Greens Senate Candidate, Drew Hutton, and other left-leaning political opportunists should show some respect for ailing former premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen according to Leader of The Nationals in the Senate, Ron Boswell.

“Mr Hutton’s claim that Sir Joh should not be entitled to a State Funeral, and setting up a display to illustrate it, is a sick, cheap stunt in very poor taste, designed to get a headline at the expense of an elderly, ailing statesman,” Senator Boswell said.

“It is no secret that Sir Joh’s health has deteriorated over recent years and it is totally inappropriate at this time to be questioning his right to public acknowledgment of his time as Premier of the state of Queensland.”

“I am sure Sir Joh’s family would prefer to spend the rest of their time with him in peace, without being distressed and drawn to his defence by the opportunistic carping of anti-conservative Senate candidates.”

“Irrespective of Mr Hutton’s memories of that time, Sir Joh was premier of this State for 19 years and presided over some of the most progressive years that Queensland has seen.”

“During his time as Premier, Sir Joh set the groundwork for transforming Queensland from a rural backwater to the powerhouse, growing State that we have today.”

“Sir Joh played an integral role in making Queensland great, and even Peter Beattie acknowledges that it is proper that his contribution as Premier of Queensland is acknowledged at the appropriate time.”

“Until then, it is grossly inappropriate to provide below-the-belt, opportunistic commentary in the hope of securing a headline.”

“I don’t believe Mr Hutton’s comments or actions on this issue will be received at all well by Queenslanders,” Senator Boswell said.


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