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Australia must not be ruled by innuendo, says Brown.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Australia must not be ruled by innuendo, says Brown

31st Jul 07

"Australian law excludes innuendo and uncorroborated evidence from the justice system. This basic ingredient of our law is being jettisoned by the decisions of Kevin Andrews and the Howard government," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

“I call on the Prime Minister to reaffirm his commitment to such basic principles of Australian justice,” Senator Brown said.

“There can only be two reasons why the Immigration Minister will not release the information which he says incriminates Dr Haneef’s character. One is that releasing the information might undermine Australian security, in which case questions about Dr Haneef’s release are also raised. Second is that there is no information which would withstand public scrutiny in justifying Minister Andrews’ decisions.”

“Minister Andrews should never have raised the expectation that the information would be released before deciding whether to release it,” Senator Brown said.

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