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Howard Government should release KPMG report on Smartcard costs.

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Kelvin Thomson MP

Shadow Minister for Public Accountability Shadow Minister for Human Services


Howard Government should release KPMG Report on Smartcard costs

I call on the Howard Government to release the KPMG report and all the details of this smartcard proposal. Australians have the right to be assured the Government has no secret agenda for the ultimate use of the card.

Australians deserve better than the Howard Government’s glib assertions about cost saving and fighting terrorism.

When Labor sees a concrete proposal on a Smartcard we will actively take part in debate on its final form on behalf of the Australian people.

We do not trust the Government to implement this properly for a number of reasons:

• The scope and ultimate function of the Smartcard remains unclear; • The costs and benefits of this defacto compulsory ID Card for all recipients of government services remain unknown; • The Howard Government has a poor record on IT roll out,

characterised by massive costs blow-outs and failure to deliver; • Serious privacy concerns exist as there has been no public consultation; and • The Howard Government’s sloppy track record of implementing

big changes which has often left the Australian people to suffer the consequences and clean up the mess afterwards, such as leaving small business to clean up its GST mess, and working Australians suffering from their extreme IR laws.

Labor does not object in principle to the Smartcard and support actions to stamp out welfare fraud.

Canberra 26/04/2006 Media Contact: Martin Callinan 040 000 6311