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Major performing arts: a stronger future.

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Major Performing Arts - A stronger future

Senator the Hon Richard Alston Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

The Hon Peter McGauran MP Minister for the Arts and the Centenary of Federation

The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, and the Minister for the Arts and the Centenary of Federation, Mr Peter McGauran, today confirmed that Commonwealth and State Ministers have formally advised 28 major performing arts companies of funding levels for this financial year.

The announcement comes after agreement was reached on all 95 recommendations in the Major Performing Arts Inquiry's Final Report, at the meeting of the Cultural Ministers Council on 11 August 2000.

'The decision reached by Federal, State and Territory Ministers is a landmark in Australia's cultural life and will sustain a financially healthy, artistically vibrant and broadly accessible major performing arts sector into the future,' the Ministers said.

The Federal Government will provide an extra $45 million over four years, taking the Commonwealth's ongoing base funding for the major performing arts companies to $66 million this year. The State Governments will also commit $25 million, over the next four years, to implement the key recommendations.

The Commonwealth's funding is comprised of almost $32 million for increases to base funding for the 31 companies reviewed by the Inquiry, to place them on a firm artistic and financial footing. The remaining $13 million is for an Industry Adjustment Package, to assist structural change, increase artistic vibrancy and private sector support, and improve marketing and management skills.

'This partnership between the Commonwealth and States demonstrates a commitment by all Governments to artistic excellence and the long-term development of the performing arts in

Australia,' the Ministers said.

Media Contact: Sasha Grebe, Senator Alston's office 02 6277 7480 or 0409 445 246 Website: Jane McCarthy, Minister McGauran's office 02 6277 7350 Website:

14 September 2000

2000/2001 Funding: Base Grants

Company (2000/01 $) Increase over 1999/00 Base



The Australian Ballet 4,792,267 1,285,577

Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

4,584,409 806,409

Bangarra Dance Theatre 865,766 378,516

Bell Shakespeare Company 619,343 324,343

Company B Ltd 705,759 108,759

Opera Australia 11,917,845 2,049,845

Sydney Dance Company 1,543,905 329,515

Sydney Theatre Company 1,491,057 63,504

Sydney Symphony Orchestra 10,992,9261 925,8971

Circus Oz 677,123 125,739

Melbourne Theatre Company 1,483,305 153,752

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra 8,252,6141 912,0561

Playbox Theatre 1,294,893 399,567

State Orchestra of Victoria 4,140,685 27,685

Opera Queensland 2,169,454 440,389

Queensland Ballet 1,613,606 280,311

Queensland Theatre Company 2,804,949 26,996

Queensland Orchestra 7,033,8621 1,168,0141

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra 5,572,8651 1,141,5201

Australian Dance Theatre 1,138,621 169,229

State Opera of South Australia 2,407,0032 707,0032

State Theatre Company of South Australia

1,928,093 30,063

Black Swan Theatre Company 981,575 287,370

West Australian Ballet 1,442,312 335,906

West Australia Opera 1,505,012 605,012

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

6,520,6701 975,2731

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra 5,200,0271 850,5551

Notes 1. Includes funding to purchase services currently provided by Symphony Australia Pty Ltd and to contribute to the costs of a professional development program for conductors and young musicians. 2. The Commonwealth is providing $203,380 pa for staging a regular presentation of Wagner's Ring Cycle which is included in the Base Grant. 3. Australian Chamber Orchestra and Musica Viva base funding grants yet to be confirmed.

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