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Budget 2007: $239.5 million in Defence spending for Queensland.

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Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence

BUDGET 2007-08

Tuesday, 8 May 2007 B11/2007


Defence facilities in Queensland will benefit from $239.5 million in funding for 2007-08.

• $161.9 million has been allocated to approved Defence facilities projects;

• $77.6 million will be spent on Defence Estate upkeep works.

The Government will also continue its commitment to fast track the $207.2 million Stage 4 redevelopment of Lavarack Barracks in Townsville. Construction is anticipated to commence in late 2007. Further investment will also be made in facilities infrastructure to support the Enhanced Land Force initiative.

Approved capital facilities projects for Queensland include:

Amberley - RAAF Base Amberley Redevelopment Stage 2 This project provides new facilities to support the relocation of 9th Force Support Battalion, the Multi Role Tanker Transport to RAAF Amberley, and an upgrade of the base’s trunk engineering services. The works to support the relocation of 9th Force Support Battalion include workshops, administration buildings, hardstands and vehicle shelters. The works for the multi-role tanker transport aircraft include construction of administration buildings, airfield pavement upgrades, maintenance facilities and the provision of hydrant refuelling. The engineering services works will include refurbishment and upgrading of the electrical reticulation, trunk communications, water, stormwater, and sewerage infrastructure. Construction commenced in March 2006. All key facilities are expected to be completed in late 2007.

Enoggera - Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Facilities This project provides facilities to support the introduction of the tactical unmanned aerial vehicle capability and collocation of the Regimental Headquarters at Enoggera. Construction commenced in late 2006 and completion of all facilities is scheduled for early 2008.

Canungra - Kokoda Barracks Redevelopment This project provides upgraded training and mess facilities, working accommodation, and living-in accommodation for the Army training units located at Kokoda Barracks, Canungra. The project also includes the upgrading of infrastructure services. Construction commenced in December 2005 and is scheduled for completion in late 2007.

Cairns - HMAS Cairns Redevelopment This project provides a combination of new and refurbished facilities to accommodate a full range of operational and support functions at HMAS Cairns including appropriate berthing space and shore services for all home-ported vessels. Key elements scheduled for 2007-08 include completion of the new central building which will accommodate various command and support functions. Construction commenced in early 2007 and completion is scheduled for 2009.

Townsville - RAAF Townsville Troop Lift Helicopter Facilities This project provides a combination of new and refurbished facilities to support the introduction of the new troop lift helicopter at the 5th Aviation Regiment. The new helicopter will be accommodated in the existing Regimental area. This will require modifications to existing aircraft shelters, workshops and parts store, and the construction of a new training facility, mission planning facility and other support facilities. Construction commenced in early 2007. All facilities are scheduled for completion in early 2008.

Western Street Depot Redevelopment

This project involves the refurbishment and adaptive re-use of some existing buildings, new construction, infrastructure upgrades, living accommodation, training and parking areas. Construction is expected to commence in October 2007 and is scheduled for completion in June 2008.

Program of Major Works (by State, Federal Electorate and Locality)

Total Estimated Expenditure $m

Estimated Cumulative Expenditure to 30 June 2007


2007-08 Budget Estimate $m

Blair Amberley: RAAF Amberley Redevelopment Stage 2 285.6 182.9 63.0

Brisbane Enoggera: Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Facilities 17.5 7.0 7.5

Capricornia Rockhampton Western Street Depot Redevelopment 11.7 0 7.5

Forde Canungra: Kokoda Barracks Redevelopment 86.7 62.2 19.5

Leichhardt Cairns: HMAS Cairns Redevelopment 76.3 15.0 45.0

Herbert Townsville: RAAF Townsville Troop Lift Helicopter Facilities 20.0 4.9 14.4

Total Queensland 497.8 272.0 156.9

Note 1. A further $5.0 million will be expended on an approved medium project not detailed in this table.

Significant additional expenditure is expected to be announced during the year as further projects are considered for approval, including: RAAF Amberley Redevelopment Stage 3, Enoggera Base Redevelopment Stage 1, facilities to support the introduction of the C-17 heavy air lift capability and the Multi Role Helicopter, and the Single Living Environment Accommodation Precinct Phase 2 proposal at Lavarack Barracks.

Estate Upkeep

Estate upkeep works provide for the ongoing maintenance of Defence’s extensive existing base infrastructure, including airfields, naval bases, barracks, training ranges, cadet facilities and fuel farms. The rolling maintenance program is developed and revised each year, focussing on areas of highest priority. During 2007-08 Defence

will spend approximately $77.6 million on estate upkeep in Queensland.

Examples of works to be undertaken in Queensland include:

• on-going performance-based maintenance of fixed plant and equipment;

• reactive maintenance in response to inevitable break-downs, faults and failures;

• environmental monitoring, management and remediation works on field training areas and firing ranges;

• fencing of the Defence training area at Macrossan;

• re-roofing buildings at HMAS Cairns;

• repairs to the ordnance loading apron at RAAF Scherger;

• installation of a servicing ramp for 51 Far North Queensland Regiment at Mt Isa;

• refurbishment of the confidence course training facility at Canungra;

• replace range control tower at Greenbank training area;

• refurbishment of Headquarter building G032 at Enoggera; and

• repairs to fuel storage facilities at RAAF Amberley.

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