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Greens boost for migrant English programme, including special childcare funding.

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Senator Kerry Nettle Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales

Greens boost for migrant English programme, including special childcare funding.

22nd Sep 07

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle announced The Greens migrant education policy today.

Addressing an immigrant women's forum in Parramatta, Senator Nettle unveiled a plan to boost funding for migrant English education, earmark childcare funding for parents undertaking English language courses and a doubling of funding for migrant settlement services.

The plan would be funded in part by scrapping the government's controversial citizenship test.

"Expanding migrant English education is the key to engaging new migrants in the society and economy", Senator Nettle said.

"Current government figures show as few as 11% of students leave the Adult Migrant Education Programme with functional English language skills."

"The government's citizenship test would undermine English

language programmes, we want to scrap the test and instead boost the hours of classes."

"Currently many new migrants are unable to fully participate in English courses because of childcare. The Greens plan would allocate additional childcare hours for those taking English classes."

"The Howard government has worked to undermine multiculturalism at every turn. They have even scrapped the Minister for Multiculturalism. The Greens want to develop and celebrate multiculturalism."

"We will restore the status of multiculturalism and doubling of funding for settlement services would restore some of the damage of the Howard years."

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