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Site coverage under Employment Services contract 3

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Site Coverage Under Employment Services Contract 3

Recently, the Opposition has sought to mislead the community on service provision under the new contracts for publicly funded employment services by suggesting that services will be cut. That has been repeated in some media outlets.

This is simply untrue.

The Government has announced improved services under the new Active Participation Model, the key features of which are:

● A new Job Seeker Account for Job Network members to provide a flexible range of services for job seekers based on need.

● A service guarantee

● Automated job matching with matches notified more quickly using touchscreens, internet, local call dial-in and SMS.

● Job seekers will register with just one provider, rather than registration with multiple providers.

● Through the new Job Placement licenses the jobs often hidden from unemployed through private recruitment firms will become available. 375

organisations have been licensed, over and above the Job Network. It is estimated that an additional 650,000 jobs over three years will be brought to the publicly funded Australian Job Search system.

The Government has not sought to promote the new model of services on a simplistic comparison of sites, because that does not adequately reflect the changes in how services are to be delivered. The services to be purchased under ESC3 are fundamentally different to those purchased under ESC2.

Despite this, the Opposition and some media outlets have sought to use some figures in isolation to erroneously suggest that site numbers are to be cut. On the contrary, there is not only an improvement in services but an increase in the number of sites from which the respective services will be delivered.

A summary of sites under the CES and respective Employment Services Contracts under the Howard Government is:

CES/Job Network contract Sites

CES 296

JN1 1,400

JN2 2,070

JN3 2,503 (Job Network, NEIS, Harvest Trail and JP)

The Job Network provides better outcomes (jobs) for job seekers at far greater value to the taxpayer AND there are significantly more sites than existed under Labor’s CES and Working Nation arrangements.

For further information contact:

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