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Nationals rock solid on support for single desk.

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Senator Ron Boswell National Party - Qld


B2006/17 - Nationals rock solid on support for single desk

Leader of The Nationals in the Senate, Ron Boswell, today assured wheat growers that the National Party arm of the Coalition Government would not move from their support for single desk sales of Australian export wheat.

“The Nationals’ position has not changed and we will continue to support the single desk for as long as it provides a benefit to growers, and for as long as growers still want it. We are rock solid on this,” he said.

“A huge majority of growers are still telling us that they want the single desk and that they believe it is providing them with a buffer from heavily distorted export markets, dominated by subsidised product from the US and the EU.”

“A very conservative estimate of this benefit suggests that the Single Desk arrangements deliver premiums of $13 a tonne or approximately $200 million in benefits to growers across Australia’s industry.”

“If the single desk was to go, farmers would be pitted against each other to deliver the lowest possible price to international buyers. Under current world markets, the international buyer would be the winner at the expense of the Australian wheat farmer.”

“Our message to wheat growers today is that you have our support on the single desk and will continue to have it for as long as you continue to support it, and for as long as it continues to deliver you a benefit,” Senator Boswell said.


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