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Helathcare online testing.

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Healthcare online testing The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, officially opened Australia’s first laboratory for the online transfer of medical information and health records, text and images today in Ballarat.

‘This will be of particular benefit to regional communities, as they ensure that information on patients’ medical treatment can be transferred and understood, accurately, between different computer systems, across networks, and over vast distances, connecting healthcare professionals and patients wherever they ar e,’ Senator Alston said.

The Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory (AHML) received a $262,000 grant from the Commonwealth Government’s Test-IT program to provide a ‘state-of-the-art’ message-testing facility. This will enable software development, product testing and promote widespread adoption of healthcare messaging standards whilst providing independent assessment services to test and verify compliance to these standards.

‘Healthcare is rapidly changing and information technology is making a strong contribution to these changes. AHML will provide industry leadership, drive appropriate standards and develop associated requirements in support of health-care solutions for Australia,’ Senator Alston said.

The AHML provides a research, development, and testing environment for the delivery of healthcare messaging, Public-key infrastructure (PKI) encryption and secure certification mechanisms that are now emerging between all sections of the healthcare industry in Australia.

Businesses, purchasers, developers and government can make use of AHML’s test bed environment for the messaging components of software and systems that are being developed, purchased and enhanced in the healthcare sector.

‘New products, processes and services are constantly being developed across the information communications technology sector—they are the underlying components on which the new information economy is being built,’ Senator Alston said.

‘The Test-IT program recognises that innovative Australian businesses need timely access to up-to-date facilities and services that are internationally accepted so they can successfully design, manufacture and export competitive products and services.’ 

The Test-IT program provides grants to encourage Australian organisations to speed up their investment in a new infrastructure to meet the emerging demand for trialling, demonstration and conformance testing capabilities.

Further information about the Test-IT program can be found online at

Media contact: Sasha Grebe, Senator Alston’s office 02 6277 7480 or 0409 445 246 Website: 138/00 20 October 2000

TEST-IT SUCCESSES TO DATE National Measurement Laboratory (NML) CSIRO Establishment of a National Facility for Providing International Traceability of Measurement for EMC Test Equipment at Low



This project assists the National Measurement Laboratory to provide infrastructure required by industry to test IT&C products, enabling them to be exported to the European Union. The facility will enable Australian test houses to have a traceability path to Australian national standards of measurement for their low-frequency electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)

testing equipment.

contact is:

Dr Ilya Budovsky National Measurement Laboratory , CSIRO PO Box 218 Lindfield NSW 2070 Phone: (02) 9413 7201 Fax: (02) 9413 7202 Email:

National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Development of an Accreditation Program for Testers in the IT&C industry ●

The primary purpose of this funded project is to establish a formal accreditation program for software testing laboratories testing software in accordance with appropriate national and international standards, and to undertake a trial of the accreditation program.

contact is:

Mr Chris Winston NATA Manager, Corporate Planning and Development 7 Leeds St RHODES NSW 2138 Tel: 02 9736 8222 Fax: 02 9743 5311 Email:

Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory (AHML) Development of a Testing Facility for Healthcare Messaging Systems ●

A grant to the University of Ballarat assisted the development of an impartial and independent testing facility for messaging systems for the healthcare industry. The Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory (AHML) fills an important market niche, with testing demand developing from north America and Europe as well as within Australia.

The main functions of the testing facility will be twofold, the first being a testing facility for developers of healthcare messaging software; and the second, a service for compliance testing and certification of healthcare messaging software products.

contact is:

Mr Ross Davey Centre for Electronic Commerce and Communications University of Ballarat PO Box 691 BALLARAT VIC 3353 Phone: (03) 5327-9302 Fax: (03) 5327-9307 E-mail:

Custom Electronic and Optical Solutions (CEOS) PTY LTD - REDlab Development of the REDlab Testing Facility for Photonic and Optoelectronic Components, Assemblies and Systems ●

This project assisted the development of a facility that will be able to test telecommunications, optoelectronics and high-technology electronic components, assemblies and systems to emerging standards. Optical electronics is one of the few new high-technology industries where

Australia may have a genuine competitive advantage. A locally available test centre will be a stimulus to innovation in the industry and improve the competitive position of Australian companies because of the lower costs and faster time to market.

contact is:

Dr Jonathan Spring Unit 3, 17 Burgundy Street HEIDELBERG VIC 3084 Phone: (03) 9458-4955 E-mail:

Asia Pacific Smart Card Forum Ltd Feasibility Study for Establishing an Australian Smart Card Certification House ●

This project enabled preparation of a business plan for an Australian Smart Card Certification House. The proponents anticipate that the preparation of the business plan will induce a firm to invest in establishing the facility.

contact is:

Bryan Douglas Deputy Director Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association Limited 1st Floor, Lonsdale Centre, 6 Lonsdale St BRADDON ACT 2612 Tel: 02 6247 4655 Fax: 02 6247 9840 Email:

Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (AEEMA) Ltd Study of Current and Future Testing Requirements for the Electronics Industry


To identify and report on current and emerging information and communication technologies which Australian industry can be expected to use and which are likely to require testing, development and demonstration infrastructure for product and service development.

contact is:

James Galloway Technical Director AEEMA/ATIA PO Box 1966 Canberra City]

Telephone: 02 6247 4655 or 0412242659 Fax: 026247 9840 E-mail:

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