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Brown to Howard: let people vote on war.

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18 February 2003

Brown to Howard - Let People Vote on War

Greens Senator Bob Brown has called on Prime Minister Howard to put Australia’s involvement in the Iraq war to a vote of the Australian people.

“There are two options in our democracy tomorrow cabinet is discussing a double dissolution later this year over the sale of Telstra: the government could bring it’s double dissolution forward. Hold it now. The war will take over the agenda and the government will lose” Senator Brown said.

“The second option is a plebiscite of the people. There have been 3 plebiscites before: 2 in 1917 on conscription (the government of the day lost both) and the vote for ‘advance Australia fair’ as our new national anthem in 1977.

“There is growing anger with the Prime Minister’s arrogant assumption that he, not the people knows what is good for Australia. The test of the PM's leadership is not so much him toughing out a wrong decision as it is his ability to change tack on Iraq to meet his nation’s mood against war’ Senator Brown said.

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Author: Cate Weate