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Government hides more extreme IR changes.

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Government Hides More Extreme IR Changes 10 August 2006

Federal Member for Chifley, Roger Price has expressed his concern that the Government is preparing to unleash further extreme changes to the workplace after the Prime Minister moved to suppress documents outlining further reforms, claiming that their release is not in the public interest.

“This has nothing to do with protecting the public interest and everything to do with protecting the Government’s political hide” Mr Price said.

In response to a Freedom of Information request the Prime Minister has cynically blocked the public release of documents dealing with the Government’s extreme industrial relations changes by having his own Departmental Secretary issue a conclusive certifi cate.

The conclusive certificate now prevents any public disclosure of the documents.

“During the 2004 election Howard failed to mention his extreme industrial relations agenda and now he’s taking every step he can to stop talk about the future plans”.

“What has the Prime Minister got to hide? Either the documents contain further evidence that the economics of the legislation doesn’t stack up or it reveals more pain in store for Australian workplaces” Mr Price questioned.

As recently as the late July, John Howard made it clear that he wants even more industrial relations changes to take place, telling a community morning tea in regional NSW that the Government is “…willing to undertake further industrial relations reform”.

This is a continuation of Senator Nick Minchin’s address to the HR Nicholls Society in March when he said that the Government hasn’t gone far enough, and that they have to look forward to further changes.

“What ever is in store for Australian workers you can be sure that if they’re bad enough to hide they won’t contain any good news” Mr Price concluded.