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Greens welcome poll boost but warn of Family First threat.

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Senator Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

Greens welcome poll boost but warn of Family First threat

Senator Nettle, 4th October 2004

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle commenting on today's AC Neilson poll has reminded voters that a vote for The Greens is the only safe progressive vote in the Senate with votes for the ALP or Democrats in danger of electing the right wing Family First party or Fred Nile.

"Today's poll shows The Greens' vote growing in spite of deceptive attacks from the Prime Minister and advertisements from Family First." Senator Nettle said.

"The Democrats have let down many progressive voters by preferencing Family First before The Greens in the Senate (The Greens have put the Democrats before Family First).

"Today's poll shows Family First gaining on the Democrats and with other right wingers including One Nation and Fred Nile preferencing Family First they could easily overtake the Democrats and pick up their votes.

"Unsuspecting voters could be fooled into thinking that a vote for the Democrats or the ALP is a progressive vote, but in fact a vote for either will risk electing a right wing fundamentalist Christian group.

"The safest progressive vote in NSW is for The Greens, and this appears to be the message that is getting through."

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