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Howard's "social coalition" is merely code for social division.

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The Hon Duncan Kerr MP

Federal Member for Denison

Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs

Shadow Minister for the Arts


January 12, 2000






“At the same time the Prime Minister is claiming that his ‘social coalition’ approach to welfare and community wellbeing is based on evidence of what ‘works’, he chooses to ignore the social divisions this very same ‘social coalition’ is creating,” Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs, Duncan Kerr, said today.


“The Howard Government’s policy of passing the buck on social policy issues has contributed to the growing economic and social division apparent in Australia today.


“Under John Howard, Australia is splitting more and more into a country of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, with dangerous signs that some of the ‘have nots’ are being forced to consider more and more desperate means of survival.


“For example, the Australian Institute of Criminology publication, “Facts and Figures 1999” revealed that, across all crime categories, crime rates have either increased or remained stable since 1995. Disturbingly, the robbery rate increased by 57 per cent.


“The Prime Minister’s ‘social coalition’ may be achieving results of some kind, but they are not the results that Australia wants or needs.


“Australia needs fairness. John Howard’s ‘social coalition’ doesn’t deliver it.


“Instead of increasing the burden on community and charity groups that are already stretched to the limit and doing admirable work on tiny budgets, the Prime Minister should be taking a long hard look at the reality of life for many Australians.”


For comment, please contact Duncan Kerr on 02 6277 4836 or mobile 0418 125161



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