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Major parties put the market first.

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Speaking at the Sydney Institute


SF/202. Wednesday October 10, 2007

Major parties put the market first

Both the major parties put the needs of the market before the needs of families, which is why family life is under threat in Australia today, Family First leader Steve Fielding said in a major speech this evening.

about "The clash of economic liberalism and social

conservatism", Senator Fielding said the major parties claim to be pro-family, but their embrace of market fundamentalism is at the expense of Australian families.

"Sadly, the market always comes first," he said. "There is a clash of values between economic liberalism or the market on the one hand, and social conservatism or family on the other.

"So many of the major public policy debates over the last two years, such as Work Choices, the full sale of Telstra and trade practices laws, have been seen as economic issues when in fact they are family issues.

"The focus should be on what's best for the family and what's best for children, not what's best for the market and employers.

"Working long hours is good for the market. Working on weekends is good for the market and having temporary work also suits the market. But none of this suits the family, which is why family life is under threat.

"Often it seems we live in a country where few values matter except those of the market, which is dangerous and disturbing. For Family First, the issue is simple. The market must always serve the family. The family must always come first."

Senator Fielding urged Australian voters to think carefully about the Senate and the contest for the balance of power between Family First and the Greens.

"The anti-family and anti-business Greens will be dangerous for Australia as they will hold the government to ransom and dictate their extreme agenda," he said.

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