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Government rejects Bradley and goes shopping for advice.

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Thu, 5th February 2009

Government rejects Bradley and goes shopping for advice The Hon Christopher Pyne MP Shadow Minister for Education, Apprenticeships and Training

The Government’s announcement that they will hold a series of round-table discussions about the Bradley review is evidence that they are shopping for advice they actually want to hear, said the Shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne today.

“This review into a review is a complete waste of time and money,” said Mr Pyne.

“The Bradley Review ran from March to December. In nine months Denise Bradley and her team considered 353 written submissions, and held round table discussions and face to face meetings with literally hundreds of representatives of student bodies, business, academia and governments in cities and regional centres all across Australia.

“Every single person in Australia who has an interest in Higher Education has had the opportunity to contribute. The idea that more consultation is needed is just laughable.

“The problem with having a part-time Education Minister is that some things are bound to slip through the cracks. The Australian Higher Education sector deserves better than to be an also-ran responsibility of a Minister busy with other things.

“This Government came to power promising an Education Revolution. So far they have announced 25 reviews into Higher Education, the main one being the Bradley Review, but the only two things they have done are rip money out of Universities by banning full fee domestic students, and betray their election promise not to reintroduce compulsory student unionism.

“Now at a time when the sector was finally expecting some attention, this announcement of a review into the review is a real slap in the face.

“Anyone who cares about our Higher Education sector should not be getting their hopes up right now - the Labor Party has no interest in reform and refreshment of our learning institutions.”