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Pulpmill looms as federal election issue.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Pulpmill looms as federal election issue

6th Jul 07

Gunns’ proposed pulpmill now looms as a national election issue, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

“This polluting mill and its destructive impact on forests and the marine environment will cut across both the Howard and Rudd claims to be green if it gets their go-ahead,” Senator Brown said.

“Gunns has dictated a decision be made on the eve of the federal election. John Gay has key politicians jigging to his call. But the shoddy process as well as the mill’s direct impact will revolt voters not just in Bass but elsewhere across the nation. Shadow environment minister Peter Garrett is the key here: he will turn a huge swag of votes Labor’s way if he insists the mill be fully and properly assessed before Federal Labor says yes or no to it,” Senator Brown said.

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