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Reshuffle shows PM has no vision and no answers.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Prime Minister & Cabinet

Dated: 23 January 2007 Press Release Number: lwmuicsz Portfolio: Prime Minister & Cabinet

Reshuffle shows PM has no vision and no answers

The Australian Democrats said today that the new cabinet shows Mr Howard does not take climate change or the contribution of women seriously.

Linking water and the environment in Mr Turnbulls new portfolio makes sense but there was no mention by the Prime Minister of climate change the biggest single threat to Australia and the globe, said Senator Allison.

The PM is in for a nasty shock if he thinks climate change will go away if he pretends it doesnt exist.

Senator Campbells removal from the environment portfolio is welcome after his dismal, do-nothing performance, tainted by political decision-making.

Its also a great disappointment that the ministerial reshuffle has ousted another woman from the cabinet, delivering an even bigger gender imbalance.

Surely, there are talented women in the Liberal Party who could have been offered positions in cabinet.

Mr Howard has not heard the message from women in the Liberal Party who are already crossing party lines on policies that effect women.

Womens numbers might be small but weve had big wins on RU486 and stem cells despite being opposed by male cabinet hardliners like Mr Howard, Mr Abbott and Senator Minchin.

It is also disappointing that there is still no ministerial designation for mental health or for people with disabilities.

Mr Howards reshuffle might have brought in one or two fresh faces and changed the names of some portfolios but his policies and his vision are old and stale, concluded Senator Allison.