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Trade: an Australian success story.

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Warren Truss Minister for Trade Deputy Leader of The Nationals


S e c u r i n g A u s t r a l i a ’ s T r a d e F u t u r e

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31 October 2007

Trade: An Australian Success Story

Australian Government Minister for Trade, Warren Truss, has unveiled the Coalition’s plan for Australia to set new export records and sell more into world markets.

A re-elected Coalition Government will invest $45.5 million over the next four years to stimulate further export growth, in turn generating more income for Australian businesses and further strengthening Australia’s economy, Mr Truss said.

“Since 1996, Australia’s exports have more than doubled to $216 billion a year, with advances in all sectors and to all our major trading partners,” Mr Truss said.

“The billions exported every year in services, cars, wine and pharmaceuticals are testament to the diversified nature of our exports and make a mockery of Labor’s insulting claims that our record trading figures are based only on the mining sector.

“The next part of the Government’s plan is to build on our solid foundation and to continue supporting exporters to market Australian products to the world.

In the Trade - Building a Stronger Economy policy released today by Mr Truss, a re-elected Coalition Government promises to:

• Invest $20 million over four years to increase the exports of Australian services and boost the involvement of Australian service companies in the global marketplace;

• Commit $11 million over three years to establish an Export Partnerships Fund to assist export sectors to gain a sustainable and competitive position in global supply chains;

• Allocate $10 million over 4 years to establish the Expanding Australian Food and Beverage Exports program focusing on opportunities in the key markets of China, the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Singapore, Thailand and Japan;

• Commit $4.5 million over 4 years to expand the Business Club Australia;

• Support the Export and Finance Insurance Corporation (EFIC) to deliver a broader range of services under its expanded mandate announced in June this year;

• Continue our proactive and ambitious trade policy on services, agriculture and industrials in multilateral, bi-lateral and regional trade negotiations.

• Appoint a permanent Ambassador for Trade Reform and continuing the funding of the Trade Representative for Australia’s Agricultural Industries and establishing the

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positions of Trade Representative for Australia’s Manufacturing Industries and Trade Representative for Australia’s Services Industries, and

• Maintain the Government’s commitment to the Export Market Development Grants scheme and ensure it continues to deliver the best value to exporters and taxpayers.

The Coalition Government has taken an active position on increasing Australia’s trade with the world. The Coalition has negotiated free trade agreements with countries like the United States, Singapore and Thailand, and has commenced a number of other negotiations with major trading partners including Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, India, the Gulf Cooperation Council, ASEAN with New Zealand, and Chile.

In contrast, the Labor Party opposes bilateral trade agreements and loses faith when the going gets tough.

“Kevin Rudd’s comments in July last year that the critically important Doha Round of World Trade Organization trade talks were ‘as dead as a dodo’ is a sign that Labor will not do the hard work necessary to help Australia’s exporters.

“Trade needs a steady hand, not the dead hand of a timid Labor Party that is controlled by inward-looking union hacks,” Mr Truss said.

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