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Transcript of Weekly Message: 17 August 2007: Illicit Drugs.

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Prime Minister of Australia | John Howard

Speech Transcript

17 August 2007 Weekly Message - Illicit Drugs


Good morning,

The Coalition Government's uncompromising approach to illicit drugs is working.

Our law enforcement agencies have prevented more than 14 tonnes of hard drugs reaching the streets, drug deaths are declining and cannabis use among teenagers has dropped significantly.

Despite these successes, the battle continues. Drug traffickers are always looking for new ways to penetrate our borders and new, more menacing drugs are appearing.

The latest is the deadly pyschostimulant Ice which is causing havoc in communities across Australia. This highly addictive drug is destroying lives and placing an unnecessary strain on our health system.

The Government has launched a hard-hitting advertising campaign warning of the dangers of illicit drugs including Ice. It will leave young people with no doubt about what these drugs can do.

We will also be sending an updated booklet to all households to provide parents with practical, up-to-date information to help them talk about the dangers of drugs with their children.

With so much misinformation about drugs in the community, it is important that young people don't hear the wrong messages from others first.

The Coalition's tough-on-drugs approach will continue and the government is committed to working with Australian families to combat the drug menace.