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Telstra's Internet R&D signals promising export future.

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Media Release  


13 August 1998



Telstra's Internet R&D Signals Promising Export Future


Telstra Research Laboratories’ (TRL) Voice on Internet technology could earn Telstra valuable export dollars in the future,


Telstra's R&D management arm, Te lstra Research & Development Management Pty Ltd (TRDM), has licensed Siemens and Netspeak to commercialise Voice on Internet hardware and software developed by TRL and the subject of several patent applications


“This agreement demonstrates how Telstra and Australia can benefit from the commercialisation of its own R&D,” said Dr. Don Nicol, General Manager, TRDM


“The deal gives Telstra an edge on competitors as it could provide carrier-class Voice on the Internet services,” said Dr. Nicol. If the technology is successfully commercialised, Telstra could in the future offer a new range of Internet-based telecommunications services underpinned by a range of flexible network management features.


“The value to TRDM, Telstra and its local and international customers is expected to be significant in terms of service uniqueness and quality.”


The agreement builds on an earlier Agreement between TRDM and USA-based NetSpeak, a leading provider of software for Voice and Internet services.  Netspeak, Siemens and TRDM have a strong Internet product development relationship.


Siemens and Telstra Research Laboratories will set up a joint development team in Australia for transfer of TRLs Voice on Internet technology to Siemens and for on-going collaborative R&D activities.


TRL undertakes research and development for Telstra and is a leader in Voice and Internet technology for carrier-class services.  It has been collaborating with Netspeak since May 1997 and looks forward to working with Siemens.  With about 350 staff in Melbourne and Sydney, TRL is one of the largest R&D groups in Australia with a long reputation for innovation in telecommunications technology.


Telstra announced in June that it would begin a trial service allowing customers in Sydney to make telephone calls to London over the Internet.  The six-month trial, which will involve about 250 Telstra customers, is designed to provide Telstra with essential information to aid in future product development.  This trial uses Netspeak technology which has also been employed in successful technical trials with South East Asian carriers.


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13 August 1998



Telstra's Internet R&D Signals Promising Export Future


Background Notes


Telstra R&D Management Pty Ltd (TRDM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telstra.


TRDMs role includes,


* Coordinating Telstra’s large R&D investmen t of more than $200 million per year.

* Paying for R&D projects throughout Telstra.

* Licensing R&D technology or projects to Telstra and external organisations.


NetSpeak Corporation based in Boca Raton, Florida, develops, markets, licenses and supports a suite of intelligent software modules which provide business solutions for concurrent, real-time interactive voice, video and data communications over packetized data networks such as the Internet, Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks.


Siemens is a major supplier to Telstra having over the last three years helped Telstra construct the national high speed network that forms the heart of Australia's digital and Internet infrastructure. A key Siemens group in the collaboration with Telstra Research Laboratories is the Internet Solutions Business Unit of Siemens Telecom Networks. This is also based in Boca Raton Florida and has worldwide responsibility for Internet products and applications for carriers providing public telecommunications services, such as ISP solutions, carrier-grade voice-over-IP solutions, integration services, applications development and customer support services, Siemens partners include NetSpeak Corp. which has provided some of the key software technology in the InterXpress family of products.