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Territorian's footy viewing held hostage by government.

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Media Release

Warren Snowdon

Australian Labor Party



18 March 1999


Territorian’s footy viewing held hostage by Government


Labor’s Federal member Warren Snowdon today said the Government had stooped to a new low by ma king the provision of funding enabling remote communities to watch AFL on television conditional to the sate of the next tranche of Telstra.


“This is an unforgivable trick by the Government,” Mr Snowdon said.


“The Government is threatening the Senate that if it doesn’t allow through the next tranche of 16.6% of Telstra, Territorians living in remote communities will not get to watch the football and other programs.


“The Government has the responsibility to provide the appropriate technology to Australian citizens so they have access to the services which are afforded to other citizens, not to hang the deal on the sale of Telstra,” Mr Snowdon said.


“Most Australians love their football and most Australians get to watch their football.


“Territorians living in remote communities are obviously different, pawns in some political game played out by an out-of-touch Government.


“Communications Minister Senator Alston in his media release of today refers specifically to the fact that through changes in technology ‘these communities may also lose programs they have previously received, such as telecasts of particular football codes and other sport events


“This is the latest example of the Government’s complete neglect of regional Australia.


“Whether it is the GST, the full sale of Telstra, or its policies on health insurance .. the Government policies will without doubt harm regional Australia,” Mr Snowdon said.


“The Government has no policy for the provision of services to Australians, unless of course Telstra is sold.


“And we know what that full sale would mean to those Australians living in remote regions.


“I call on the CLP’s Senator to speak out against this Government policy which would have such an impact on his constituents,” Mr Snowdon said.




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