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Questions Mr Howard must answer at the Press Club.

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MEDIA RELEASE The Hon Simon Crean MP Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Treasurer

31 July 2001

Questions Mr Howard must answer at the Press Club

After five years and the “great tax adventure” that was supposed to make everyone better-off except tax cheats:

Why does the Tax Commissioner say tax cheats have prospered and ordinary PAYE taxpayers left to carry the burden when you promised the GST would ease the tax burden and take $3 billion from the black economy? (13/8/98)

Why have you managed to give just one income tax cut in five years, and only then when in conjunction with a $26 billion GST?

Why do you claim to be a low taxing government when tax revenues as a proportion of GDP under your government have been greater in every single year than they were under the Keating Government?

Why did you promise there would be no negative effects for business or the general public from the GST? (Paris, 27/4/200)

Do you still believe, as your Treasurer promised, that not a single business has gone to the wall as a result of the GST? (Costello, 6WF, 18/5/2000)

Why has the tax act more than doubled in size since the introduction of the GST, when you promised it would cut red tape? (2UE 14/8/98)

Why should voters believe any promise you make about income tax cuts any more than your 1977 promise of the fistful of dollars you snatched back as soon as you were re-elected?

If you are so concerned about the increasing cost of babyboomers retirement, why has your only policy for superannuation been a new tax on superannuation and a scare campaign?

Besides raising the GST as flagged by your Treasurer last week, what policy do you have to fund the increasing revenue demands of the ageing population?

Why have the saving of ordinary Australian households, which you described as the best measure of the money people have got left over (ABC 2/6/95) fallen to just 70 cents in every $100 under your government?

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