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Red carpet replaces red tape for small business.

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The Hon. Warren Truss, MP

Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs

Deputy Leader of the House




3 August, 1998





Customs has introduced an Internet trading option that will save small business importers up to $5000 in establishment costs, the Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs, Mr Truss, said today.


Customs has developed lower-cost Internet access to its COMPILE data entry system, which is used by importers and Customs brokers to lodge Customs entry documents electronically. Until now, importers needed to pay at least $5500 to install a dedicated leased line to access COMPILE.


“For many small businesses, this cost was prohibitive,” Mr Truss said. “The Internet access to COMPILE means that importers need only pay $350 for specialist software to fit to their PC and modem, rather than $5500 for a leased line.


“This measure does more than remove red tape. It’s like a red carpet invitation for small Australian companies to expand their business.


He said the Internet access would also allow more companies to access the lower charges of electronic lodging of entries, rather than manual lodging.


“It’s important that the public sector continues to become more responsive to the community. I’m delighted that, with this measure, Customs is continuing its strong program of making it easier for Australian companies to trade overseas.


“This measure is a demonstration of part of the Coalition Government’s policies which encourages initiative and, in particular, business achievement. The role of government is to create a climate where business can get on with business, without the frustration of red tape and high entry costs."


Businesses wishing to obtain more details about accessing the Customs COMPILE system via the Internet should contact Customs Commercial Applications Section (02) 6275 6789 or Customs Information Centres on 1300 363 263. Software is provided by AT&T.




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