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$34 million dollar advertising blitz planned by Howard Government.

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Media Release


Senator John Faulkner

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Shadow Minister for Public Administration, Government Services & Territories





Shadow Minister for Public Admini stration and Government Services Senator Faulkner today warned voters to prepare for an advertising blitz costing taxpayers at least $34 million in the next few months leading up to the federal election.


Senator Faulkner said that evidence given in several Senate estimates committees over the past few days revealed a disturbing pattern of planning for short, sharp advertising campaigns in areas where the Howard Government was in electoral difficulty.


“Many of these campaigns have expensive research components which will assist the Liberal Party to plan their own election advertising,” Senator Faulkner said. “These campaigns will inevitably fold into election campaign advertising.”


“The major campaign is the $10 million GST “Community Education for Tax Initiatives” incorporating a $200,000 qualitative research component. As large scale tax reform incorporating a GST only has the status of a Liberal re-election policy, this campaign in particular should be paid for by the Liberal party,” Senator Faulkner said.


The Common Youth Allowance campaign to sugar coat a policy that will hit families hard has a $2.8 million advertising component and is already on television screens.


The Natural Heritage Trust Campaign, exposed in Senate Estimates last night, will expend the bulk of $4.5 million prior to September in an attempt to gloss over the Howard Government’s poor environmental record.


The Department of Education Employment and Youth Affairs is also planning a $4.5 million campaign on youth initiatives, an area where the vote for the Howard Government is plummeting.


“This is a cynical but well targeted ploy by the Howard Government to try and retrieve something after two years of policy failure and massive maladministration.


“Taxpayers should be aware of this expensive Liberal Party scam,” Senator Faulkner said.



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JUNE 10 1998