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Greens could tip the balance in favour of women.

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Senator Kerry Nettle Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales

Greens could tip the balance in favour of women 29th Oct 07

The Greens launched their policies for women today, in Melbourne's Eureka Tower and outlined how female Greens Senators may hold the balance of power after the election. Half the Greens Senate candidates are women and they would join Senator Rachel Siewert and Christine Milne keeping women a majority in the Greens parliamentary caucus.

With a national paid parental leave at the centre of the plan, The Greens outlined plans for childcare, tax reform, industrial relations and health policy. Restoring the role of the Office of the Status of Women is also a high priority.

"The Greens may hold the balance of power after this election and a majority of our Senate team is women," Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said.

"This will make our party uniquely placed to push forward a women centred agenda in the new Parliament."

"While there have been some gains, the last decade has seen women go backward in many ways. The conservatism embraced by both the major parties is a big problem for women; this has to end. Women are still falling behind in terms of status and income within the workforce. There

needs to be a new policy framework focused on the needs of women."

"The Greens are the only party out of the big three that support paid parental leave."

"We would put more money into childcare instead of tax cuts and we would remove the tax barriers that prevent women re-entering the workforce."

"The government's workplace laws have made things worse for women. Unions are crucial to achieving equality in the workplace. The Greens want to shred all of WorkChoices."

"The Howard government downgraded the Office of the Status of Women. We want to see it elevated to a major role in coordinating policy development."

"The success of female parliamentarians in the recent RU-486 debate over reproductive rights has shown what women can achieve when we work together. Greens female Senators will lead the charge in a new Senate to build on such successes."