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Labor acts to ratify Kyoto Protocol.

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KELVIN THOMSON Media Release from the Shadow Minister for Sustainability & Environment Monday 26 May 2003 LABOR ACTS TO RATIFY KYOTO PROTOCOL Shadow Minister for Sustainability and Environment, Kelvin Thomson, today introduced to Federal Parliament a Private Member’s Bill to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change. The Government should support this important legislation, as it will give legal effect to Australia’s Kyoto target and ensure Australian industry can take advantage of emerging new markets when the treaty comes into international force. Over 100 countries have now ratified the treaty and ratification by the Russian Federation expected later this year will ensure that the Protocol will come into international force. By refusing to ratify, John Howard risks being left behind in global efforts to combat climate change and losing influence in future climate change negotiations in Australia’s long-term interest. Kelvin Thomson’s Private Member’s Bill gives the John Howard the opportunity to admit his mistake and support ratification. Early action will allow Australian industry to take advantage of growing global markets for environmental goods and services and prepare for the reality of a carbon constrained future. The Government and Opposition parties agree that Australia must meet the Kyoto target. But the Coalition alone refuses to ratify the Protocol and is therefore locking Australian industry out of global trading mechanisms. Whilst the Howard Government shirks its international obligations, Australian companies are already missing out on opportunities. Labor will act where John Howard has failed. Labor will act to avert the damage to Australia’s environment and the economy through the Howard Government’s stubborn refusal to ratify the Protocol. For Further Information: Kelvin Thomson MP Mobile: 0419 594 882 Gavan O’Neill Mobile: 0417 118146