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$6 million for Queensland fishing communities and businesses.

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$6 million for Queensland fishing communities and businesses

DAFF07/094A 6 September 2007

Queensland businesses and communities will share in up to $6.3 million in Australian Government grants as part of a structural adjustment package to secure a profitable and sustainable future for Commonwealth fisheries.

Minister for Fisheries and Conservation, Senator Eric Abetz, today announced the 27 businesses and communities in Queensland who will receive funding under the Australian Government’s $220 million Securing Our Fishing Future package.

“The onshore programmes mark the final component of the Securing our Fishing Future package which saw over 550 fishing concessions bought back for $149 million in order to better position our Commonwealth fisheries for a sustainable and profitable future,” the Minister said.

“This necessarily had an impact on fishing related business and communities, and I am pleased to see many successful applicants along the Queensland coast as part of our $40 million onshore assistance package.

“This was a highly competitive round with more than 200 applications received across both programmes.”

There are two components to the funding - Fishing Community Assistance and Onshore Business Assistance. The community grants are aimed at generating new economic and employment opportunities in towns affected by reduced fishing activity as a result of the Securing our Fishing Future package. Onshore Business Assistance grants will assist businesses dependent on the Commonwealth fisheries sector to adjust their operations in light of reduced fishing activity. In addition to the community and business assistance announced today, six businesses have been granted exit package totalling $600,000 to leave the industry.

Announcements about successful applicants in other parts of Australia will be made over the coming week.

Fishing Community Assistance - Qld

Coral Sea Fishing: $500,000 to better utilise tuna, swordfish and by-catch by streamlining production, specifically the cutting and packaging process of the kebabs, through the utilisation of a portion cutting machine and an inline tray packaging machine.

Mooloolah River Fisheries Pty Ltd: $450,000 to change the way their product is presented and sold by broadening their retail and processing functions. The retail component of the project involves extending the range of seafood available and building new premises. The process component of the project will focus on processing existing product supply into new retail packs and packaging to suit buyer specifications.

4 Seas Pty Ltd: $500,000 to research and deliver processing protocols and equipment which can effectively and efficiently produce value added products from whole albacore and yellowfin tuna for high yielding domestic and international markets.

Tropical Coast Seafoods: $495,000 for the construction of a modern, seafood wholesale, processing, storage and agency establishment on the banks of the Johnstone River in Innisfail.

A.Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd and A.G.Karumba Pty Ltd: $500,000 to upgrade facilities and infrastructure at Karumba to maintain the viability of their operations. This upgrade will help attract an increased number of third-party vessels from the Northern Prawn Fishery to Karumba.

Queensland Seafood Industry Association: $409,000 for maintaining remaining supply chains and establishing new innovative marketing initiatives in the Cairns region. The project will focus on establishing networks between fishers and retailers/restaurants to market and sell local seafood products.

Onshore Business Assistance - Qld

Gloweez Fishing International Supplies and Hardware: $250,000 to diversify and expand the business into selling a wider range of fishing gear.

De Brett Seafoods Ltd: $250,000 to diversify its current onshore seafood processing business into a fish retail outlet and expand and renew its production facilities.

Quick 2 Pac: $90,513 to purchase a small refrigerated truck.

Seafood Directions Pty Ltd: $182,994 to expand the current wholesale business to create a retail arm selling fresh seafood to the public.

Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd (AR & S): $250,000 to consolidate prawn processing from their Adelaide to Brisbane plant plus the purchase of additional processing equipment.

Harbourside Services Pty Ltd: $250,000 for marketing activities to improve seafood sales.

MS & TM Klingwall TA NQ Net & Wire: $92,841 for the harvesting of kangaroos to service the strong demand by crocodile farms in North Queensland.

Casco Engineering Pty Ltd: $43,173 to expand business by moving to a new premises within a heavy industrial area.

Finglas Marine Maintenance: $91,425 to diversify the repair services offered to the fishing industry by offering a mobile engineering and repair service to both onshore and offshore industries.

McLeod Engineering: $250,000 to purchase property in Karumba to house employees, hold basic workshop equipment and provide more timely maintenance support and immediate supply of spare parts crucial to the fishermen’s profitability, especially during the prawning season.

Wegert Electrical: $192,066 for a business restructure involving the purchase of additional equipment and machinery to facilitate business diversification, a workshop upgrade including construction of a shop front for customers and hiring of additional staff.

Norship Marine: $250,000 to enlarge the capacity of the existing wharf to accommodate vessels of up to 400 tonnes and design and construct a travel lift with a 400 tonne capacity.

Tropic Engineering Pty Ltd: $250,000 to finance additional diversification of the business into high technology certified welding outside the maritime sector.

Cardinal Seafoods Pty Ltd: $250,000 to upgrade its existing infrastructure through the installation of an ice making facility.

Kingston Fisheries: $137,154 to purchase a commercial vehicle with freezer capacity to allow purchases and transportation of stocks.

For more information on the Securing our Fishing Future package visit or call the helpdesk on 1800 617 866 (toll free).

Further inquiries:

Senator Abetz’s office: Brad Stansfield 0419 884 666