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New Pubstay website opens new doors for travellers.

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Media Release The Hon Bob Baldwin, MP

28 September 2007

NEW PUBSTAY WEBSITE OPENS NEW DOORS FOR TRAVELLERS The new Pubstay website, designed to reignite the Australian pub accommodation tradition, was launched today by Bob Baldwin, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources.

“For decades pubs were the mainstay of travellers accommodation in small towns and districts across the country. And they remain a unique way to explore and experience Australia. This new initiative from the Australian Hotels Association is bringing this great tradition into the new century with the launch of the Pubstay website," Mr Baldwin said.

"The web is a vital marketing tool, especially for businesses in rural and regional Australia which rely on distant customers or new customers they would find difficult to market to directly," Mr Baldwin said.

"By having a website with functionality such as online booking, Pubstay member hotels will be more accessible to more customers than ever."

Pubstay is an Australian Hotels Association (NSW) initiative to promote traditional hotel-style accommodation throughout New South Wales.

"This initiative will be a further boost to rural and regional tourism because travellers want options. The redeveloped Pubstay website gives travellers more accommodation options and information about facilities at their fingertips."

Mr Baldwin said tourists spend around $34 billion a year in rural and regional Australia, about 47 cents out of every tourism dollar. In the last year, rural and regional tourism grew by $2.4 billion compared with the same period last year, a rise of 8 per cent.

"Tourism growth shows its importance to rural and regional Australia, especially when the drought is hitting so hard. Increasing accommodation options - and making it easier for people to learn of those options - is vital to the continued growth of the rural and regional tourism market," Mr Baldwin said.

"It's one of the reasons Tourism Australia and the Australian Government have backed projects such as the redevelopment and relaunch of the Pubstay website."

Tourism Australia and the AHA work closely together on sharing networks and developing partnerships between the 8,500 AHA members and 20,000 tourism industry businesses across

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