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John Howard can't be trusted on Telstra.

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Stephen Smith - John Howard Can't Be Trusted On Telstra Thursday, 11 October 2001

John Howard Can't Be Trusted On Telstra Stephen Smith - Shadow Minister for Communications

Media Statement - 10 October 2001

In the run up to the 1998 election, John Howard promised that:

The Coalition will legislate to provide that unless and until the independent inquiry certifies that service levels are adequate, there will be no sale beyond 49 per cent. ●

And that:

… [t]he assessment will occur against performance criteria, which the Coalition will specify in legislation. ●

But after the election, John Howard:

tried to legislate to sell all of Telstra; ● never-ever legislated to establish an independent inquiry; and ● never-ever legislated to establish performance criteria, against which Telstra's service would be judged. ●

John Howard broke his promise on Telstra in the last Parliament and not even his own Besley Inquiry would certify that Telstra's services in rural and remote Australia were adequate.

Today in Ballarat, John Howard has said that he will not sell the rest of Telstra until he is satisfied that Telstra's services are satisfactory.

Australians know that if John Howard is re-elected he will be satisfied of that on Sunday, 11 November -the day after the election.

John Howard can't be trusted on Telstra - he has broken his promise before.

A vote for John Howard is a vote for the full privatisation of Telstra - it's already in Peter Costello's Budget papers.

And remember, Peter Costello will be Prime Minister if the Coalition is re-elected.

Only a Beazley Labor Government will not sell one more share of Telstra. Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.