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Local telephone call services public inquiry.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will next week hold a public hearing as part of its inquiry into whether to ‘declare’ local cal l resale and local interconnection services under the telecommunications access regime.


“The hearing is designed to provide a forum for Industry participants, consumer groups and other members of the public to discuss whether these services should be declared,” Mr Rod Shogren, the ACCC Commissioner with responsibility for telecommunications matters, said today.


Declaration would mean that carriers and carriage service providers must make these services available to all service providers. This would enable service providers to supply competitive services to end-users.


“In deciding whether to declare these services, the ACCC will be concerned with achieving benefits for end-users. Including sustainable lower prices and a greater choice of new and innovative services.


“The decisions on these matters are expected to have a significant impact on the future direction of telecommunications competition and the types of benefits likely to flow to end-users from competition.”


Various Industry participants have advised the ACCC that local call resale and local interconnection are important for the development of effective competition with a fully integrated service provider like Telstra. The public hearing is an important forum for these and other, views to be expressed.


“A draft report on local call access and resale will be issued by the ACCC in July. Once comments from the industry and the public have been received in relation to the draft report, the ACCC will issue a final report. The final report will contain the ACCC decision and its reasons.”


The hearing will be held on Tuesday 9 June 1998 at Rydes Hotel, 54 McLaren Street, North Sydney, commencing at 9.30 a.m.


Further information

Mr Rod Shogren, Commissioner, (02) 6243 1115

Ms Lin Enright, Director, Public Relations (02) 6243 1108 or (0414) 613 520


5 June 1998