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$150 million not enough to fix our hospitals.

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Margaret May MP

Federal Member for McPherson Shadow Minister for Ageing Acting Shadow Minister for Health


$150 million not enough to fix our hospitals

“Hospitals across Australia have been short changed with Labor’s decision to allocate only $150 million to cut elective surgery waiting lists, Federal Member for McPherson, and Acting Shadow Minister for Health Margaret May MP said today.

“This commitment is a drop in the ocean compared to the real help our hospitals need.

“Hospitals are dealing with increasing patient numbers and $150 million does not buy you a lot of beds and beds are what are needed to look after patients, admit them properly out of the emergency department and relieve the backlog.

“If Kevin Rudd is going to bail the State Governments out of trouble by taking over the running of hospitals then at least do it properly.

“$150 million is a fraction of what is needed to fix hospitals which have fallen down through poor management by State Labor Governments.

Margaret said it was no surprise to hear the State Health Ministers were pleased with this outcome as a quick injection of funds let’s them off the hook from dipping into their own pockets.

“Our country deserves the best hospital and medical care we can provide and this first act by the Rudd Government does not go close to what is needed.

“Kevin Rudd said the buck stops with him when it comes to fixing hospitals, so I call on him to come up with some real solutions instead of a short term bailout to the States.

“Labor obviously has no idea just how important our hospitals are as they have offered a bandaid solution when we need a cure,” Mrs May said.

Margaret said Kevin Rudd must outline how hospitals will be funded from now on and what new funding will be provided to hospitals whose needs are far greater and more complex than just a small bucket of cash that will go nowhere to alleviate elective surgery waiting lists.


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