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Gary Nairn gets an extra holiday as the Government arrogantly cuts sittings.

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Senator Ursula Stephens (

Gary Nairn gets an extra holiday as the Government arrogantly cuts sittings 22nd September 2005 In an extraordinary announcement yesterday, the Government has decided to close down the planned sittings of the House of Representatives in the first week of October.

I am sure that Gar y Nairn will be over-the-moon the Government’s announcement as it means that he now has an unexpected holiday in October at the cost of his constituents who will be denied a voice in parliament.

Surely Gary has important work to do as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister where he has responsibility for the National Water Initiative.

Perhaps Gary doesn’t view the role of assisting the person responsible for running the Federal Government as important or addressing national water issues, but I am sure the people of Eden-Monaro do.

The House of Representatives will not be sitting that week because the Government’s extreme workplace relations bills aren’t ready to rush through Parliament. This is even after they sledge hammered the Telstra privatisation bills through last sittings; gagging and guillotining debate along the way.

While Gary enjoys his holiday at the expense of Australian taxpayers, the Senate will be debating Labor priorities such as putting downward pressure on petrol prices, training Australians first and rebuilding Australia’s crumbling infrastructure.

This is just one more example of what the constituents of Eden-Monaro can expect from a government that has absolute control of Parliament and does exactly what it likes to minimise scrutiny and accountability.

I dread to think what their next abuse of power will be with Industrial Relations, Welfare to Work and Voluntary Student Unionism debates around the corner.

It seems quite clear that with every passing week this Government manages to find yet another way to chip away at democracy in this country.

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