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ALP launches Political Big Brother.

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ENDS: Wednesday, 28 November 2001 Contact: Sen Jan McLucas: 4031 6009

Jim Turnour: 0418 770484

ALP launches Political Big Brother

The Australian Labor Party has today launched a new website, Political Big Brother (www.political targeted at younger voters.

Senator Jan McLucas, has thrown her support behind the initiative.

“Young people are often forgotten or ignored by political parties, especially during election campaigns,” said Senator McLucas.

“Political Big Brother is about trying to engage younger voters and provide them with information in a form that interests them and hopefully gets them coming back again and again.

“If the recent UK election demonstrated anything it is that the Internet and electronic media can be a useful campaigning tool. The research tells us that young people - aged 18 -24 - are three times as likely as any other age group to use the Internet and electronic media to find information - not only about pop groups and the latest movie blockbusters but also about politics and current affairs.

“At Net users, young and old, will find information about all aspects of the Howard Government’s performance over the past five and a half years. They’ll be able to express their views of some of the Howard Government’s policies by voting out the “PBB housemate” of their choice.

“The Political Big Brother site is vibrant, innovative, informative and fun. I’m confident it will provide an excellent juxtaposition to the more serious election campaign being run by our political leaders.

“Political Big Brother does not discriminate against people too young to cast a vote!”

Political Big Brother is now open to the voting public at:

For further information contact Jim Turnour 4031 6009 or 0418 770484

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