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Schultz applauds Commonwealth's withdrawal from Snowy sale.

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Schultz applauds Commonwealth’s withdrawal from Snowy sale Friday, 2 June 2006

Member for Hume Alby Schultz has enthusiastically welcomed the Australian Government’s decision, announced by the Prime Minister today, that the Commonwealth will withdraw from sale its 13 per cent shareholding in Snowy Hydro.

Mr Schultz said the announcement followed weeks of lobbying by Government Members and Senators, who had recognised and listened to significant public opposition to the sale.

“At a meeting with the Prime Minister in Canberra on 31 May I made it clear that I was vehemently opposed to the sale, as were a majority of constituents in the Hume electorate.

“The Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues have listened to the Australian people, including the people of Hume, and shown courage and leadership in arriving at this decision,” Mr Schultz said.

“I have telephoned the Prime Minister to complement him for taking on board the views and representations of his Members and Senators and for listening to the people of Australia.” Mr Schultz said he was even more pleased that the Commonwealth’s withdrawal had forced the NSW Government’s hands and that the sale would now be shelved.

“Mr Iemma has recognised that the Commonwealth’s withdrawal from the sale of Snowy Hydro has moved the political blame for its sale from the Commonwealth Government and placed it back where it should be, with the NSW and Victorian Governments,” Mr Schultz said.

“Mr Iemma knows that to sell Snowy Hydro was not in the best interests of Australia and that pushing forward with the sale would have been political suicide at next year’s election,” he concluded.