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Labor's 'me too lite' on Greens renewables investment.

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Labor's 'me too lite' on Greens renewables investment Melbourne, Wednesday 14 November 2007 Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today called the ALP's proposal to invest $500 million in renewable energy research, development and commercialisation over an unspecified timeframe as "me too lite" of the Greens Sun Fund policy.

Senator Milne said "The ALP proposal for R&D funding for renewable energy is welcome in that it sounds remarkably like the Sun Fund policy we Greens put on the table weeks ago at the Australia and New Zealand Solar Energy Society Solar07 Conference.

"The 'me too' even goes so far as talk about their proposal as 'from the lab to the grid', an awkward copy of the Sun Fund's 'from innovation to installation'.

"However, to be truly effective, the size of the investment needs to be much larger. The Sun Fund would transfer all the $300 million in annual subsidies to fossil fuel R&D into renewables, in a $3 billion ten year investment program. The ALP's renewable energy investment policy would be dwarfed by their decision to increase existing fossil fuel funding with another $500 million commitment to the oxymoronic 'clean coal'.

"The timeline, still absent, is crucial. Are we talking $50 million a year over ten years? If so, this is a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed.

"Labor should also look to the USA for leadership, where Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, has announced she would implement a target to reduce emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, the same target as the Australian Greens."

CEDA - fossil fuel megaphone Senator Milne said "The Committee for the Economic Development of Australia has junked its reputation today by releasing a report, funded by fossil fuel giants and climate deniers including ExxonMobil, designed to hold back urgent action on climate change.

"The close involvement of Brian Fisher, who personally embedded climate scepticism in the Howard Government as head of ABARE, is a bad sign.

"But it is the proposal that greenhouse concentrations of 650ppm in the atmosphere would be a reasonable target that utterly undermines the work. That would consign our planet to warming of over 4C, bringing catastrophic climate change.

"This attempt to hold back climate action at a time when action is more urgent than ever, and closer to reality than ever, should be roundly condemned and consigned to the rubbish bin of worthless policy proposals."

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