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Budget 2007: $5,000 to help find a job.

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Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP

Minister for Workforce Participation 08 May, 2007

Media Release

$5,000 to help find a job

The Australian Government will extend the current relocation pilot project to help Australians find a job.

The Minister for Workforce Participation, Dr Sharman Stone MP, announced tonight that the extension of the

pilot will provide for another 80 places.

‘There are significant variations in the unemployment and workforce participation rates in different parts of

Australia. While the Job Network can already assist job seekers to relocate for work, the pilot provides an

additional level of financial assistance.

‘People often want to move where the jobs are, and the Government will assist those that are ready,’ Dr Stone


While the results of the existing pilot are encouraging, this further funding will help identify the factors that

encourage sustainable labour mobility between areas of high unemployment and high labour demand. The

existing pilot saw job seekers in the Coffs Harbour, Shoalhaven and Nowra regions of NSW relocated to work

in Perth.

‘The pilot provides up to an extra $5,000 towards relocation costs per job seeker. Providers of Australian

Government Employment Services will manage the relocation and provide support once people have been

relocated,’ Dr Stone said.

‘This is just another way that the Howard Government is working to keep our economy strong and keep it

growing so that even more Australians can have a job and share in Australia’s prosperity.’

Supporting Information - Relocation pilot project extended

Why is this important?

z This initiative is important because it provides for the extension of a current pilot that is testing the

factors that impact on labour market mobility.

z It will provide an additional 80 places in the pilot and allow for a second relocation project to be

implemented. Providers of Australian Government Employment Services will be able to assist job

seekers in areas of high unemployment to participate in the pilot. In many circumstances there are

significant financial barriers for job seekers wishing to move for work and the pilot provides for

assistance with transport, housing and other relocation costs.

Who will benefit?

z Unemployed people on income support and employers with job vacancies.

What funding is the Government committing to the initiative?

z $503,000

What have we done in the past?

z Currently Job Network members can use the Job Seeker Account to assist with costs for relocating for

work. To test whether or not the availability of additional funds, and the coordination of relocation,

affects labour mobility, a pilot is currently underway. z The pilot involves 33 job seekers who were relocated to Perth to take up jobs in the building and

construction and mining industries. Wesley Uniting Employment in Coffs Harbour coordinated the

first stage of pilot and up to $5,000 per job seeker was made available for job seekers in either Coffs

Harbour or Nowra, who were willing to move.

When will the initiative conclude?

z June 2008.

For further information contact:

Liz Rodway 0421 587 207