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Greens: Reith's youth wage win is via Democrats-Labor.

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Bob Brown

Australian Senate

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania


Thursday, 2 September 1999


Greens: Reith’s Youth Wage win is via Democrats-Labor


The Kernot-Reith deal to extend discriminatory youth wages is directly

responsible for T oday’s Labor—Reith pact, Greens Senator Bob Brown told the Senate today.


“This 1999 act to ensure continuation of discrimination against young  Australians is built on the Democrats vote in the Senate in 1996,” said Senator Brown.


“The Kernot-Reith Workplace Relations Legislation deal allowed junior pay rates to continue beyond their planned 1997 expiry date.


Brown Moves to Dock Millionaires Instead


In a separate move the ALP and the Coalition voted down Senator Brown’s second reading amendment to have the youth wages bill put off until the Government legislates to put a $1 million per annum lid on ‘fat cat’ packages, as a means of funding extra youth jobs


See over for amendment.


Further information: Ben Oquist (02) 6277 3170 or 0419 704 095




The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia




Workplace Relations Legislation Amendment (Youth Employment) Bill 1999


(Second reading amendment to be moved by Senator Brawn (AG))


Omit all words after “That”, substitute “this bill be not further proceeded with until separate legislation has been enacted to prevent corporations, which employ Young people at rates less than those given to other employees who do similar work, from providing to any person a remuneration package in excess of A$1,000,000 in any given year”.




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