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$24.6 million for the Namoi catchment.

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$24.6 million for the Namoi Catchment

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Federal Member for Gwydir John Anderson today welcomed the announcement of $24.6 million in funding for projects targeting natural resource management issues in the Namoi Catchment area.

A total of $274.4 million in joint funding has been announced by the Australian and NSW Governments for nine catchment management authorities in NSW, including the Namoi Catchment Management Authority (CMA).

“This multi-million dollar funding announcement will allow the Namoi CMA to develop projects focussing on environmental problems including weeds and feral animals, salinity and water quality and sustainable agriculture,” Mr Anderson said.

“This includes planting 750 hectares of native trees, shrubs and grasses to build up habitat for local threatened species and conservation programs that will see 13,200 hectares of native vegetation protected,” he said.

“There will also be weeding and feral pest control activities that particularly target foxes as well as training, education and awareness activities for local landowners.”

“Namoi’s rivers and waterways are receiving a huge boost with $4 million for a range of projects to maintain and improve the health of riverbank vegetation, water quality and aquatic life. This will include planting vegetation and fencing off other areas to protect against erosion.”

“Fifty engineering structures will be installed as a way of preventing stream degradation and to improve conditions for aquatic life. The Namoi Catchment Management Authority is also forming partnerships with cotton industry irrigators to improve water efficiency and implement methods of reducing runoff of fertilisers into local waterways.”

“A further $2 million will help tackle river salinity in the region by installing 160 engineering structures designed to minimise the amount of salt reaching surface water systems.”

“More than $5 million is going towards projects to combat dryland salinity. These include tree planting, improved water efficiency programs in places where salinity has already degraded the land to the extent where it is no longer productive.”

“Local landholders are being encouraged to adopt sustainable farming systems to as a way of protecting and improving their soil. Over $4 million has been allocated for planting of perennial pastures, soil conservation earthworks, and to help landholders complete property plans,” Mr Anderson said.

The funding goes directly to Namoi Catchment Management Authority and comprises $20 million from the $1.4 billion National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality, $1.3 million from the Australian Government’s $3 billion Natural Heritage Trust and $3.3 million from State Sustainability Funding.

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