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What a strange position, Dr Dolittle!

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KELVIN THOMSON Press Release from the Shadow Minister for Environment & Heritage - Member for Wills


Yesterday Environment and Heritage Minister Dr Kemp, in response to Labor’s announced policy of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, stated in a press release that “ The Howard Government is committed to achieving the greenhouse gas emission reductions called for under the Kyoto Protocol, whether or not we ultimately ratify that particular treaty.”

His very next paragraph says “Labor has rushed to judgement without undertaking the vital national interest analysis of the costs and benefits of Kyoto.”

The implication here is that this ‘national interest analysis’ is still to be carried out. But if the costs of Kyoto outweigh the benefits, then why on earth is the Government ‘committed to achieving the greenhouse gas emission reductions called for under the Kyoto Protocol,’ treaty or no treaty?

How on earth can it be in Australia’s national interest for us to do the hard yards involved in meeting our Kyoto Protocol target, yet do nothing (Dolittle) to require other countries to do the hard yards as well?

If we’re going to do the right thing, why shouldn’t other countries as well ?

After all, any Doctor knows that while Australia’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions are high, our total contribution to global emissions is miniscule due to our small population. Our efforts will make little difference to global climate change - it’s the collective international effort, which will make the difference.

What a strange position, Dr Dolittle - completely against the interests of both Australia and the planet!

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17 April 2002

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