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Budget 2007: 'Pray for rain' climate budget.

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Peter Andren MP - Independent Member for Calare

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8 May 2007

‘Pray for rain’ climate budget

The government’s budget initiatives to address global warming will make little if any impact on greenhouse emissions or water security, according to Peter Andren, Independent Member for Calare.

“The doubling of rebates to install solar panels to $8,000 only restores the subsidy as it was up until 2005,” Mr Andren said.

“Grants of $12,000 for solar in schools should have been expanded to solar panels for every air conditioner installed in homes and public buildings, along with a requirement the panels be installed in commercial premises.

“The $200m over six years water tank initiative for schools and community organisations is welcome, but these schemes are only fiddling at the edges of the climate change challenge.

“Where is the incentive to invest in solar thermal and geo-thermal technology which has been shown by CSIRO scientists to be capable of providing base load power if seriously developed?

“It is no good providing $126m in this year’s budget to establish the Australian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation if we aren’t encouraging the development of a truly clean alternative energy industry on the scale that California has adopted.

“This is a ‘pray for rain and hope the climate repairs itself’ budget,” Mr Andren said.

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