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Howard Govt still dithering on climate change.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria

Dated: 02 February 2007 Press Release Number: zhrsuopm Portfolio: Environment & Animal Welfare

Howard Govt still dithering on climate change


The Australian Democrats today criticised Minister Hockey's call for national action and co-operation on climate change, saying it was his Government standing in the way of Kyoto, emissions trading, a carbon price signal and a meaningful renewable energy target.

Australians want action and they do want governments to co-operate. They don't want 10 more years of paralysis led by climate change sceptics, said Senator Lyn Allison, Democrats Leader.

The states are going it alone on carbon trading because the national scheme, developed by the Australian Greenhouse Office six years ago, was mothballed without explanation.

"It's too late for Mr Hockey to duckshove.

If Mr Howard was not so busy cosseting the coal industry and its $26billion a year earnings, he would have noticed that the science was compelling, people want action and they want it now.

The Government now has overwhelming scientific and economic evidence to show the longer the delays, the higher cost to the country. The PM's old excuse that action would hurt the economy just does not wash. Most in the business community don't believe it and neither do we.

"There is no point in dithering about, looking for scapegoats. The time to act is now, said Senator Allison.