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$1.76 million infrastructure project at Imanpa.

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Media Release

$1.76 million infrastructure project at Imanpa


28 March 2001


The remote Aboriginal community of Imanpa will gain a reticulated sewerage system and dust minimisation works under the next stage of ATSIC’s implementation of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (NAHS).

The Minister for Reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Philip Ruddock, said the $1.76 million project will raise Imanpa’s standard of living by replacing septic tanks with a reticulated sewerage system.

“Landscaping for dust minimisation is also important in raising hygiene levels and controlling the incidence of disease in remote communities,” he said.

“The commitment by the government and ATSIC to improved health and housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is the foundation for physical and social health.

“As it happens, this $1.76 million project results directly from another government initiative — the ATSIC/Army Community Assistance Program (AACAP). Because AACAP was able to tackle the needs of another community, NAHS funding became available for the next project in the queue — in this case, Imanpa.”

ATSIC Commissioner for the Northern Territory Central Zone, Alison Anderson, said the Imanpa project is among the latest of 31 high priority NAHS projects in the NT for which the ATSIC Board set aside $84.405 million in 1998.

“We’ve been methodically working our way through a priority list of such projects since 1995,” she said.

“ATSIC has been working steadily at improving the living conditions of our communities as the funds have become available. Each project is developed in close consultation with the community and involves a training element for community members. This project came about because of the time and effort that ATSIC’s Papunya Regional Council has put into visiting communities and discussing their needs.”

Phillip Coombes is the President of Imanpa community and a member of ATSIC’s Papunya Regional


“The community is pleased that the project is finally going ahead,” he said

“We are looking forward to work commencing at Imanpa. It will also be a good opportunity for our community as it will provide additional employment opportunities."

The project is due for completion by the end of this calendar year.

Imanpa, located 270 kilometres south west of Alice Springs, is home to about 120 people. The main languages are Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara, along with Walpiri, Luritja and Arrernte.

Situated on a 1,628 hectare excision from Mt Ebenezer Station, the community has basic facilities such as a council office, community centre, health clinic, workshop and school. Through its local Community Development Employment Projects scheme, Imanpa is upgrading the oval so that football and softball matches can recommence.

Contacts: Russell Patterson, Minister’s Office 02 6277 7860 Denis Maher, ATSIC 08 8959 4225 / 0418 246 284


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